Disasters rock Indonesia's tourism push

Picture-postcard Tanjung Lesung was a cornerstone of Indonesia's bid to supercharge its tourism industry, boasting palm-fringed beaches, a towering volcano in the middle of turquoise waters and a rainforest sanctuary for endangered Javan rhinos.

3 January 2019

Anak Krakatoa lost two-thirds of its height

The Indonesian volcano which caused a tsunami that killed more than 400 people last week lost more than two-thirds of its height following the eruption which triggered the killer waves.

31 December 2018

Tsunami fears spark chaos in Indonesia town

Hundreds of panicked residents, many sobbing and clutching small children, tried to flee Sumber Jaya village Tuesday as word spread that another tsunami was about to smash into the shattered Indonesian community.

27 December 2018

Indonesian tsunami death toll soars

The death toll from a tsunami triggered by suspected volcanic activity near the Sunda Strait in Indonesia has topped 200 as rescuers continue to search for dozens missing in the tourist region.

24 December 2018

Lava fountains shoot from Philippine volcano

Intense lava fountains shot like fireworks up to 700 metres (2,300 feet) into the air above Mayon, the Philippines' most active volcano, on Tuesday as showering debris turned morning skies dark and spread fear among anxious residents.

24 January 2018

12,000 flee as lava oozes from Philippine volcano

Thousands fled from their homes as lava oozed out of a rumbling Philippine volcano on Monday in what volcanologists described as a "quiet eruption", warning it could lead to a hazardous explosion within days.

15 January 2018

Bali's Mount Agung finally erupts

The treacherous Mount Agung in Bali that has been threatening to erupt for the first time since 1963 has finally erupted and spewed steam plume at 5:05pm on Tuesday.

22 November 2017

Mount Agung and the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'

Mount Agung has been threatening to erupt for the first time in more than 50 years. The volcano last erupted in 1963 which left nearly 1,600 people dead. Indonesian officials raised the alert status to the highest level on late Friday, September 22.

3 October 2017