Xi Jinping

Kim boosted by China talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un came away from his fourth meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping with his hand strengthened in nuclear talks with the United States (US), analysts say, even as Seoul urged him to do more.

12 January 2019

China hopes US, North Korea 'meet halfway'

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un firm backing in deadlocked nuclear talks with the United States (US) and reasserted Beijing's key role in the wider process, according to the two allies' state media Thursday.

10 January 2019

China may put reforms on hold to boost economy

President Xi Jinping hailed China's "reconstructive reforms" in a New Year speech, but the sorely needed changes could be put on ice in favour of averting a potentially devastating economic downturn.

6 January 2019

China’s slowdown deepens

China heads into the new year with its factories back in contractionary territory as the threat of a prolonged trade war dampens sentiment and stimulus struggles to gain traction.

1 January 2019

Is the BRI debt trap real?

China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) celebrates its fifth anniversary this month. The euphoria that initially followed Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement in Kazakhstan and Indonesia has somewhat faded.

11 December 2018

Trump-Xi meeting not just about economics

If it were only about economics, the outcome of the meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping on the side-lines of the Group of 20 (G20) Summit in Argentina on Saturday would be a lot easier to predict: an immediate easing of trade tensions

30 November 2018

China finds a friend in the Philippines

Xi Jinping’s visit to the Philippines marks the first visit by a Chinese president to the country in 13 years, highlighting the shift in relationship between the two countries.

27 November 2018

Xi makes historic visit to the Philippines

Chinese President Xi Jinping called his visit Tuesday to long-time United States (US) ally the Philippines a "milestone", as he aims to boost blossoming ties on the promise of billions of dollars in backing for mega-projects.

21 November 2018