ASEAN Media Forum

Is global peace failing?

The world spends so much on wars and violence but spends next to nothing on peace. The obvious result of conflicts and wars is human suffering, but there is also a cost to the economy that can further cripple the world’s infrastructure and stability.

19 August 2019

Tackling key ASEAN issues

The ASEAN Secretariat held its 3rd ASEAN Media Forum in Bangkok, Thailand, and brought together about 30 media leaders and prominent bloggers from the 10 ASEAN member countries to dialogue with the region’s thought leaders on vital economic issues affecting the Association.

1 August 2019

Reimagining Southeast Asia 2018: A recap

Last week, The ASEAN Post held its inaugural forum, titled Reimagining Southeast Asia 2018. The half-day forum aimed to facilitate better understanding of the issues in the region and offer insights that affect decision-making processes and outcomes in relation to the many pressing issues and challenges within the region.  Saifuddin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia delivered an exclusive policy brief on Malaysia’s aspirations for ASEAN.

6 December 2018

Making ASEAN a relevant force in uncertain times

This weekend saw Singapore host the second ASEAN Media Forum (AMF), where almost 30 media leaders, journalists and social media influencers congregated to have a dialogue with the region’s thought leaders on various important issues affecting the region. The AMF is a new effort by ASEAN to reach out to the media to help them better understand the region and its complexities.

8 May 2018