ASEAN’s shrinking biodiversity

As the world celebrates Earth Day today, the theme for this year – protecting threatened and endangered species – remains as important as ever.

The world’s largest environmental movement, the annual Earth Day works with more than 75,000 partners in nearly 192 countries to educate the public about environmental issues.

22 April 2019

China’s BRI negatively impacting the environment

While its economic benefits and geopolitical implications are often splashed across the front pages of national newspapers worldwide, the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on the environment receives much less attention.

19 February 2019

When climate change solutions become problems

In a world where climate change, air and water pollution, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, ozone depletion, and other environmental problems overlap, a fix in one arena can cause trouble in another.

9 February 2019

What’s at stake for the Mekong’s fishery

Originating in the Tibetan highlands and running through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Vietnam, the Mekong and its tributaries provide water, food and income for 60 million people.

14 November 2018

Shrinking biodiversity threatens mankind

The world’s biodiversity is at extreme risk, undergoing an exceptional decline in the past few decades and its fragility is threatening the well-being and survival of mankind.

3 November 2018

Marine protected areas increasing fish stocks

Surrounded by severely damaged coral reefs, the fishers of Indonesia’s Seraya Besar, off the west coast of Flores, struggle to make ends meet. Year-on-year fish stocks have shrivelled as the damaged reef can only support limited life.

30 October 2018

The threat of overfishing

The issue of overfishing is the greatest threat to ocean ecosystems today. Overfishing occurs when fish are netted at a more rapid rate than they can reproduce.

17 September 2018

Southeast Asia – Gold mine for pangolin poachers

The pangolin is a mammal not known to many, yet it is the most trafficked animal in the world. Its large Keratin scales – which are hard and sharp – cover its skin help protect it from carnivorous predators such as tigers, lions and leopards.

3 November 2017

ASEAN, a travel and tourism hub

Southeast Asia is a highly sought-after holiday destination for tourists and travellers from all across the world. The region, which is home to more than 630 million people, is geographically situated in the heart of Asia.

5 October 2017

The 'siren call' of marine ecotourism in ASEAN

Like grains of sand by the seaside, the diversity within ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asia Nations) countries is not limited to the cultures in the ten countries populated with 625 million souls.

9 September 2017