Metro Manila wins ‘most congested’ crown

Metro Manila has been found to be the most congested city in developing Asia after a study of 278 cities to measure citywide congestion by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).Congestion arises when demand for travel exceeds the transportation network’s maximum capacity, and the pollution that comes along with it are important issues faced by city planners in ASEAN and abroad.An urban sprawl of 17 cities characterised by outdated infrastructure, a booming economy and an increasing population, Met

28 September 2019

Can Indonesia’s new capital solve its old woes?

Indonesia’s decision to move its capital from Jakarta raises several key questions for Southeast Asia’s largest economy.Faced with notorious traffic jams, rapid sinking and a host of other problems, Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo last week officially announced plans to shift ASEAN’s most populous capital to Kalimantan – an area on Borneo, an island which Indonesia shares with Malaysia and Brunei.With Indonesia located in the Ring of Fire, Kalimantan was identified as a possible lo

23 August 2019

New MRT to battle Jakarta’s traffic congestion

Jakarta commuter Irnawati can spend up to four hours daily in her car, but now she and millions of others may get some relief as the traffic-clogged Southeast Asian city opens its first mass rapid-transit (MRT) system.Today, Jakarta will inaugurate the US$1.1 billion project seen as crucial to tackling some of the world's worst congestion, which can turn commutes into hours-long endurance tests.For Irnawati, the new line means she might now be able to move back to her suburban home on th

24 March 2019

Jokowi wants Jakartans to use public transport

Indonesia’s president wants to encourage more people to use public transportation in Jakarta, which is known worldwide for its never-ending macet or traffic congestion.Speaking at the Presidential Palace last month, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo called for more people to use public transport and said he wanted to see better integration of its many modes in Greater Jakarta.Among the many public transportation systems in Greater Jakarta include the yet to be fully operational Mass Rapid Transi

10 February 2019

Easing Manila’s traffic gridlock with ferries

To ease traffic congestion in the Philippines’ main financial centre, there’s no way to go but underground and afloat, said businessman Antonio Tiu, who is leading a venture for one of two subway projects in the capital region.IRC Properties Inc., Tiu’s venture with Chinese and Hong Kong companies for a US$3.7 billion underground system in Metro Manila’s Makati City, has also submitted an offer to run and upgrade the rickety Pasig River ferry service, he said in an interview on 25 August.

27 August 2018

Beat traffic in Southeast Asia with these apps

 The notorious state of traffic in Southeast Asia has forced its people and even governments to look increasingly to tech for solutions. Tech companies seeing the opportunity have also been quick to adapt their products to address this need too. Recently, popular community-based traffic app Waze, for one, adopted the Thai language to help Bangkok's population tackle its traffic woes. Waze, along with Google Maps are two platforms that have a good reach across Southeast Asia.

10 January 2018