ASEAN countries at risk of dengue

The world welcomed 2020 with paranoia and caution as the novel coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, China – spread around the globe. As of 7 February 2020, over 600 deaths have been recorded and more than 30,000 people have been infected. The public are encouraged to wear masks at all times and flights to and from China have been cancelled in some countries. Wuhan and other cities in China have been quarantined and are now under lockdown to halt the spread of the deadly virus.

7 February 2020

Mosquito trials raise hopes of defeating dengue

Hundreds dead in the Philippines; a threefold increase of cases in Vietnam; hospitals overrun in Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia – dengue is ravaging Southeast Asia this year due in part to rising temperatures and low immunity to new strains.But one group of scientists is rolling out trials to breed dengue-resistant bugs in a bid to tackle one of the world’s leading mosquito-borne illnesses, raising hopes the untreatable disease can finally be beaten.The World Mosquito Program (WMP) has pionee

12 September 2019

Philippines says deaths in vaccine row 'consistent with' dengue

The Philippines said Thursday that some of the 14 children who died after receiving a controversial vaccine showed signs of "severe dengue", as investigators probe the drug whose use was suspended due to health concerns.More than 830,000 Filipino schoolchildren were injected with Sanofi's Dengvaxia vaccine last year in the world's first public dengue immunisation programme.But the country stopped the sale and distribution of Dengvaxia last month after Sanofi warned the vac

12 January 2018

Philippines probes deaths after dengue vaccine suspended

Philippine officials are investigating whether three deaths were linked to an anti-dengue vaccine that the country's regulators have suspended, health officials said Thursday.More than 830,000 Filipino schoolchildren were injected with Sanofi's Dengvaxia vaccine last year in the world's first public dengue immunisation programme.The Philippine government suspended its sale and distribution this month after the French company warned it could worsen symptoms for people who had no

21 December 2017

Sanofi urges Philippines to lift dengue vaccine suspension

French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi on Monday urged the Philippines to lift the suspension of its anti-dengue vaccine, insisting it was safe, but the government accused the firm of "dishonesty".Sales of Dengvaxia and a landmark public immunisation programme using the vaccine were suspended by the Philippines this month after Sanofi warned it could lead to "severe" symptoms for people who had not previously been infected with dengue.But the company's regional head said

12 December 2017

Philippines plans to sue Sanofi over dengue vaccine: minister

The Philippines intends to sue Sanofi after authorities suspended the pharmaceutical giant's anti-dengue vaccine in response to the company warning the drug could lead to severe infections in some cases, the health secretary said Thursday.Regulators froze the Philippines' world-first public dengue immunisation programme last week and suspended all sales of the vaccine on Monday after Sanofi said Dengvaxia could worsen symptoms for vaccinated people who contracted the disease for the

7 December 2017

Philippines suspends world-first dengue vaccine

The Philippines said Friday it had suspended use of a landmark vaccine for the potentially deadly dengue virus after its manufacturer warned it could worsen the disease in some cases.French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced Wednesday that its world-first dengue vaccine could lead to more severe symptoms for people who had not previously been infected.The Philippines has vaccinated more than 733,000 children with Dengvaxia since 2016 when it became the first country to start using it on a

1 December 2017