The sad state of Lao’s education system

Lao is looking to improve its education system. In this effort, it is introducing a project called the “Inclusive, Child-friendly Environments and the Improvement of the Quality of Learning Outcomes of pre-and primary schools in Vientiane and Oudomxay provinces”.

4 May 2019

Cambodia’s failing education system

In December 2018, Cambodian Senate president Say Chhum had encouraged the country’s youth to study hard in order to become future leaders. He made the comment during the opening ceremony of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia congress at a hotel in Phnom Penh. 

1 May 2019

Is it too late for Lao?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a train that you either get on or you’ll find yourself being left far, far behind. ASEAN is aware of this. We’ve seen countries like Indonesia and Thailand take lessons from Germany’s model of a 4.0 economy.

23 April 2019

UEC: A danger to Malaysia’s national identity?

During its campaigning before the 14th general election (GE14) in Malaysia, the Alliance of Hope (Pakatan Harapan) declared in its manifesto that the coalition would recognise the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) qualification if they were elected into power.

5 April 2019

Using technology for better education

Education technology (edtech) is fast growing in Southeast Asia thanks to its learner-centric platform which breaks down geographical barriers such as access to infrastructure like schools and even transport.

19 March 2019

Achieving the global education goals

Throughout my life, I have seen the power of education. I have witnessed how quality education for all can support the creation of dynamic economies and help to sustain peace, prosperity, and stability.

19 February 2019

Inequality in education

A recent Credit Suisse report named Thailand the most unequal country in the world, with just one percent of the population owning 66.9 percent of the nation’s wealth.

21 December 2018

Studying is hard in Cambodia

Cambodian Senate president Say Chhum recently encouraged the country’s youth to study hard in order to become future leaders.

1 December 2018

Improving education in the Philippines

The research arm of Switzerland-based business school International Institute for Management Development (IMD) recently conducted a survey on the talent competitiveness of 66 countries around the world.

24 November 2018

Building skills of the future

Young people represent the fundamental drivers of economic and social growth and nowhere is this more visible than in Southeast Asia. In a region of more than 630 million people, 60 percent are below the age of 30.

23 November 2018