Fake news

Social Media And E-Democracy In A Pandemic

Even before the pandemic, Filipinos have long realised the importance of information communication technologies (ICTs) such as personal and networked computers, mobile telephones, the internet and emails, including social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked, etc.).

30 July 2020

Bending The Fake Pandemic News Curve

Would you believe that the coronavirus was developed by a government to weaken its foreign rivals? Or that “patriots” created it to foment a revolution against “big government” and the “deep state”? Sadly, far too many people who have encountered such disinformation online have shared it with their friends and family.Nonetheless, we are learning more about who produces fake pandemic news, and how to stop its circulation.

9 June 2020

Dealing With Fake News Amid The Pandemic

Dealing with fake news is a balancing act. On the one hand, fake news can be a serious problem as seen currently amid the COVID-19 pandemic where harmful misinformation about the virus has been spreading like wildfire. On the other hand, there’s the question of limiting the freedom of the press and hampering its ability to play watchdog.Member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have gained notoriety for their lack of press freedom over the years.

17 May 2020

Press Freedom In A Pandemic World

I had been captive in Afghanistan for about two weeks when the government of my home country, Canada, contacted those attempting to negotiate my release. They told negotiators to get me on the phone the next day, when the United States (US) military would be flying a drone over where they thought I was being held, in order to determine my whereabouts.The negotiators were unable to secure that concession.

7 May 2020

Fake News A Concern Amid Pandemic

As of 10 April 2020, over one million people have been infected with the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus. The global pandemic has brought chaos into the world with numerous countries implementing lockdowns or movement control orders over virus fears.

11 April 2020

Asia Cracks Down On Virus 'Fake News'

Hundreds of people have been arrested across Asia for posting purported false coronavirus information, according to an investigation by international news agency, Agence France-Presse (AFP), deepening concerns that growing government efforts to combat "fake news" will target the wrong people and silence dissent.From teenagers to a TV star, people have been wrongly detained under vaguely worded cybercrime laws or broad state-of-emergency powers ushered in since the outbreak began, ri

11 April 2020

Misinformation laws on the rise in ASEAN

Singapore’s newly passed misinformation law has been grabbing headlines because it empowers government officials to order corrections to be placed next to social media and online posts they deem false. The law came into effect in October 2019, resulting in outrage from human rights groups and tech giants such as Facebook and Google, which claim that the law is in violation of free speech. A number of opposition figures and activists have already been ordered to place correct

10 February 2020

Malaysian journalist charged over China virus post

A Malaysian journalist was charged Wednesday with causing public alarm with Facebook posts about the deadly coronavirus outbreak in China, as authorities warned against online "rumour-mongering".The virus has so far killed almost 500 people and infected 24,000 others in China, and spread to more than 20 countries including Malaysia, which has 12 cases.It has also unleashed a flood of misinformation online, from misleading death tolls to vaccine conspiracies, and several Asian countr

6 February 2020

Is the coronavirus threatening human rights?

The novel coronavirus isn’t the only thing spreading. It was recently reported that authorities in Thailand had arrested two people for posting "fake news" about the novel coronavirus as a senior official warned internet users last Thursday to “think twice” before sharing incorrect information about the disease.

3 February 2020

Coronavirus: Thailand arrests two for 'fake news’

Thai authorities arrested two people for posting "fake news" about the coronavirus as a senior official on Thursday warned internet users to think twice before sharing incorrect information about the pathogen.The Southeast Asian country has detected 14 cases, the second-highest number outside China where 170 have been killed since the outbreak emerged in the city of Wuhan.Thailand's digital economy minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta said that a man and woman were charged with vio

31 January 2020

Cambodia’s Hun Sen urges media to tell the truth

Last week, in a letter to the Cambodian Editor Forum, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen wrote a statement which seems to counter his alleged actions in the lead up to the country’s controversial July 2018 general election: “News media should dare to speak the truth.”Hun Sen, however, has been accused of not only jailing his opponents – making the July election a supposed farce – but in May 2018, his administration had also purportedly clamped down on media freedom. In that mo

12 December 2019