Light bulb moment for next generation agriculture

Agriculture can either be the main cause or our greatest asset in fighting the climate crisis. But, for this, it must be radically transformed. Humanity now depends on just three crops (wheat, rice and maize) for more than half of its food.

29 January 2020

Indonesia’s eco-friendly supply chain 

Asia-Pacific has 422 million farmers, where most are smallholder farmers with less than 2 hectares (5 acres) of land each. These farmers face an uphill battle to access capital that makes it hard for them to boost yield, diversify into new crops or stay float when hit with a climate crisis.

12 June 2019

Myanmar’s farmers go hi-tech

According to the World Bank, Asia supports the food demands of 60 percent of the global population by using just 23 percent of the world’s agricultural land. Due to an increasing population and decreasing land mass, the role of technology in agriculture is key.This is where the booming start-up scene in Southeast Asia could come in handy for farmers.

12 May 2019

Ensuring Brunei has enough rice

The launching of Brunei’s biggest commercial paddy field later this year combined with higher yielding varieties of paddy are expected to help the country meet its rice self-sufficiency target in 2020.The sultanate is embarking on a concerted effort to reach its rice self-sufficiency target of 11 percent by 2020 and wean itself off imports from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam – which make up around 30,000 tonnes annually. Once a thriving industry, Brunei’s rice farmers only produced 1

27 March 2019