UN wants strong action against Myanmar’s military

Myanmar's military commanders should be financially "isolated" and brought to trial to face charges of war crimes and genocide against the Rohingya minority, United Nations (UN) investigators said Tuesday.

The UN fact-finding mission on the situation in Myanmar called on the international community to cut off all financial and other support to the country's military.

15 May 2019

Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty

Two top leaders of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime were found guilty of genocide on Friday, in a landmark ruling almost 40 years after the fall of a brutal regime that presided over the deaths of a quarter of the population.

18 November 2018

UN: ‘Ongoing genocide' against Rohingya

A genocide against Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims is still continuing, United Nations (UN) investigators said Wednesday as they presented a report to the Security Council, calling for the issue to be referred to an international tribunal.

29 October 2018