Malaysia's ex-PM Najib to go on trial this week

Malaysia's toppled leader Najib Razak will go on trial this week over an extraordinary financial scandal that contributed to the downfall of his long-ruling coalition which has reverberated around the world.

11 February 2019

Royal command ends Thai princess’ bid for PM

Thai Princess Ubolratana's unprecedented attempt to become the country's next prime minister was abruptly nixed Saturday after her party agreed to comply with a command from the king opposing the plan.

10 February 2019

Thai royal named candidate for PM

Thailand’s Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya has been named the prime ministerial candidate for a party linked to former premier Thaksin Shinawatra in one of the country’s biggest political upheavals.

8 February 2019

EU could win big in trade war

Neither protagonist in the US-China trade war stands to benefit from their stand-off, the United Nations (UN) said Monday, suggesting others could cash in instead, with the European Union (EU) possibly winning big.

6 February 2019