Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bans China National Day Protest

Hong Kong authorities on Monday banned a pro-democracy group from holding a rally on China's National Day, the latest refusal in the semi-autonomous city where protest has been all but outlawed.The People's Republic of China marks its founding on 1 October with a holiday and carefully choreographed celebrations, but in Hong Kong it has become a day of grievance for those worried about authoritarian Beijing's increased control over the city.Last year, the founding's 70th an

29 September 2020

Taiwan Calls For Global Defence Against China

Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu urged the international community Wednesday to help defend his country and region against "expansionist" Chinese moves, saying Taipei feared Beijing would resort to force.Taiwan was "on the front-line defending democracies from being taken over by the communist China" and needed help from other countries, he told the France 24 TV station.Wu said China "has been intensifying its military threat against Taiwan" in recent yea

17 September 2020

Hong Kong Brand Suffers As US-China Row Deepens

At the Koon Chun Sauce Factory workers are scrambling to cover hundreds of thousands of bottles with new "Made in China" labels as the popular Hong Kong brand falls victim to spiralling diplomatic tensions.Founded nearly a century ago, the family-owned factory has survived a world war, multiple economic crises and the slow withering of Hong Kong's manufacturing base as companies looked for cheaper labour in mainland China.It remains one of the financial hub's most enduring

7 September 2020

Thai Student Leader Defies Royal Taboo

When university student Rung calmly read out 10 demands to reform Thailand's monarchy before thousands of protesters at a pro-democracy rally this month, she defied the country's biggest political taboo.Backed by an arch-royalist military and shielded by draconian royal defamation laws, the super-rich monarchy wields enormous influence in nearly every sphere of Thai society.But 21-year-old Rung – real name Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul – said the 10 August protest at Thammasat Univer

30 August 2020

Saving Liberal Democracy

I belong to a fortunate generation. Born in the United Kingdom (UK) in 1944, toward the end of a world war that killed between 70 million and 85 million people, I have neither been bombed nor had to fight on any battlefields. I grew up in a country and continent that were at peace and thus able to enjoy the economic benefits of unprecedented cross-border cooperation.

27 August 2020

Taiwan: China Trying To Turn Island Into Hong Kong

China is trying to turn democratic Taiwan into another Hong Kong, the island's foreign minister warned Tuesday as he met with a senior US official making a historic diplomatic trip.A crackdown on dissent in Hong Kong has gathered pace since China imposed a sweeping security law on the financial hub in June, with opposition politicians disqualified and activists arrested.That has caused alarm in Taiwan, a self-ruled island of 23 million people that Beijing claims as its own territory and

12 August 2020

Hong Kong Elections Off As China Tightens Grip

Hong Kong's democracy supporters were dealt a huge blow Friday as authorities postponed local elections for a year because of the coronavirus, capping a devastating month of political disqualifications, arrests for social media posts and activists fleeing overseas.Chinese state media reported late Friday that Hong Kong police have ordered the arrest of six pro-democracy activists living in exile on suspicion of violating a new national security law.The city's democracy camp has come

1 August 2020

Hong Kong Activists Arrested Under Security Law

Four Hong Kong students involved in a recently disbanded pro-independence group were arrested by police on Wednesday under a controversial new national security law, officers and members of the group said.The arrests are the first to target public political figures since the sweeping legislation was imposed on the city by Beijing late last month.Police said three men and one woman aged between 16 and 21 were arrested on suspicion of organising and inciting secession."Our sources and inve

30 July 2020

Will Hong Kong Become Like Singapore?

Limited democracy but high living standards and stability form a trade-off that most Singaporeans seem willing to live with - and some now suggest rival Asian finance hub Hong Kong can emulate the model as China tightens control.The two trading centres have long been compared but recent events have brought the issue into sharper contrast as Hong Kong faces a new era of curtailed civil liberties following China's imposition of a wide-ranging national security law.Supporters argue that aft

24 July 2020

A Plethora Of US-China Disputes

The United States (US) and China are at loggerheads over a long list of issues, from the cause of the novel coronavirus to Hong Kong, and trade.An overview, after Washington ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston within 72 hours, accusing it of being a centre for spies.CoronavirusWashington and Beijing have been engaged in a war of words over who is to blame for the novel coronavirus, since Trump described it as a "Chinese" virus in March.China's Foreign minist

23 July 2020

China’s Five-Finger Punch

As the world struggles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, which first emerged in China, Chinese President Xi Jinping is pursuing his quest for regional dominance more aggressively than ever. From the Himalayas to Hong Kong and Tibet to the South and East China Seas, Xi seems to be picking up where Mao Zedong left off, with little fear of international retribution.The parallels between Xi and the despots of the past are obvious.

22 July 2020