The Philippines’ fake news busters

In the Philippines – where 76 million Internet users stay online the longest in the world – just a handful of people spend a few hours each day to fight fake news about the upcoming midterm elections.

6 May 2019

Indonesia is too slow!

A recent analysis by discount code portal CupoNation Indonesia found that Indonesia ranks low in Southeast Asian countries in terms of fibre optic internet connection speeds, which heavily depends on a country’s infrastructure, geography, and many other factors.

26 April 2019

Terrorism 3.0 is here

Until the other day, few Americans could likely find Sri Lanka on a map, nor even dimly remember its British colonial name, Ceylon. But the Indian Ocean nation flashed across news screens over the Easter weekend with a highly sophisticated and lethal series of bombings across the island nation of some 20 million.

24 April 2019

Music’s future is streaming

Ever since the advent of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones, traditional media such as television and radio no longer have the same kind of mainstream influence as they used to. With growing high-speed internet penetration all over the world, streaming platforms are now raking in the big bucks.

18 March 2019

Thailand’s internet gets caged

A cyber-security bill introduced just weeks ahead of Thailand’s first democratic election since a 2014 military coup has stoked concerns that it could be used as a weapon to stifle political dissent.

14 March 2019

e-Commerce in Malaysia and the Philippines

e-Commerce is now in fashion. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has seen many sweeping changes take place in the tangible market, with Southeast Asia’s internet economy growing exponentially.

27 April 2018