Coronavirus: Latest Global Developments

Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:India's SurgeIndia now has more than 500,000 confirmed cases, according to government figures that show a record daily leap of 18,500 new infections."Unlike China, where the pandemic was relatively more concentrated around Wuhan and a few other cities, India has a more diffused spread that makes it a bit more challenging for the healthcare system," says Anant Bhan, a leading public health expertIndia may see several pea

28 June 2020

Coronavirus: Latest Global Developments

Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis.Brazil Threatens WHO ExitBrazilian President Jair Bolsonaro threatens to follow in the footsteps of United States (US) President Donald Trump and pull out of the World Health Organization (WHO)."I'm telling you right now, the United States left the WHO, and we're studying that, in the future.

7 June 2020

Trump’s blind march to war

Before United States (US) President Donald Trump decided to withdraw his country from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in May 2018, Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister and the nuclear agreement’s chief Iranian architect, was the most popular public figure in his country.

12 January 2020

Iran launches missiles on US troops in Iraqi base

Iran on Wednesday launched a missile attack on an Iraqi airbase where US forces are based, threatening "more crushing responses" if Washington carried out further strikes, Iranian state media said.It said the missiles were in response to a US strike last week that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and Iraqi top commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.Security sources said that nine rockets hit the sprawling Ain al-Asad airbase in the country's west, the largest of the Iraqi milita

8 January 2020

Iran to UN: Soleimani death an 'act of war'

The Iranian ambassador to the United Nations described the killing of one of his country's top generals as an act of war, US media reported late Friday.The death of Quds Force commander Major General Qasem Soleimani in Baghdad was the most dramatic escalation yet in spiralling tensions between Iran and the United States, despite President Donald Trump's insistence he did not want war.But, speaking to CNN late Friday night, Iranian ambassador Majid Takht Ravanchi said: "In fact

5 January 2020

Iran to Muslim world: Fight US 'economic terrorism'

The president of sanctions-hit Iran called Thursday for Muslim countries to cooperate in fighting United States (US) "economic terrorism" at the opening of a summit aimed at tackling the Islamic world's woes.Hundreds of delegates are attending the gathering in Malaysia - including heads of state and religious leaders - but the meeting has been snubbed by Saudi Arabia, home to Islam's holiest shrines.The summit has also been criticised for undermining the Organisation of Is

20 December 2019

Iranian beauty queen wins asylum in Philippines

An Iranian beauty queen sought by Tehran on criminal charges has been granted political asylum in the Philippines, an official said Friday, ending a three-week standoff at Manila airport.Bahareh Zare Bahari, based in the Philippines since 2014, was denied entry into the Southeast Asian nation on 17 October when she returned from Dubai, with Philippine authorities citing an Iranian warrant for her arrest.Claiming Tehran wanted to punish her for opposition to Iran's theocratic regime, Baha

9 November 2019

Iran: We are not responsible for Saudi attacks

Iran on Sunday dismissed United States (US) accusations it was behind drone attacks on Saudi oil installations, suggesting Washington was seeking a pretext to retaliate against the Islamic republic."Such fruitless and blind accusations and remarks are incomprehensible and meaningless," foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi was quoted as saying in a statement.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemned Iran after Saturday's attacks, which knocked out half of Saudi Arabia&#039

16 September 2019

High-stakes at G20 meeting

World leaders gathered in Japan Friday for one of the most high-stakes and fractious Group of Twenty (G20) meetings in years, with a bruising United States (US)-China trade war, geopolitical tensions, and climate change on the agenda.The two-day summit in the city of Osaka will be dominated by trade issues, with all eyes on whether US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping can reach a truce in a dispute that has been hugely damaging for the world economy.But world leaders wil

28 June 2019

US launches cyber-attacks on Iran

Iran and the United States (US), locked in a tense standoff after the US withdrew from a nuclear deal, traded barbs Sunday the day before the US tightens sanctions against the Islamic republic.Both sides say they want to avoid going to war, but tensions have spiralled as a series of incidents, including attacks on tankers and the shooting down of a US drone by Iran in the Gulf, raised fears of an unintended slide towards conflict.On Sunday, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sa

24 June 2019

What we know about the Gulf tanker attacks

Suspected attacks left two tankers in flames in the Gulf of Oman, bumping up oil prices and further raising regional tensions triggered by a bitter United States (US)-Iran standoff.The strikes on Thursday follow last month's sabotage attacks on four ships off the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that Washington blamed on Tehran.Amid rising fears of a conflict, here is what we know:What happened?In the early daylight hours of Thursday, two vessels transiting through the Strait of Hormuz towards

15 June 2019

What happens when oil hits US$100 a barrel?

Surging crude prices are posing another headwind for the world economy after United Sates (US) President Donald Trump’s “zero” pledge on Iran oil sales.Brent crude has risen about 33 percent this year and is close to the highest in six months. While higher prices due to strong demand typically reflects a robust world economy, a shock from constrained supply is a negative.Much will depend on how sustained the spike proves to be.

29 April 2019