Jakarta: Is relocation the answer?

The plan to relocate Indonesia’s capital city is in its first phase. The government has already proposed the draft of laws to parliament on relocation of the capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan.

11 January 2020

Is Jakarta doomed?

Indonesia is one of the world's most vulnerable countries to natural disasters, and every year the situation is getting deadlier. Jakarta has been experiencing floods since the 1960s, however, the effects of climate change, sinking and rising sea levels, is endangering more lives each year. A total of 127 lives were lost in the floods of 2007 and 2013, while 66 people were reported dead in the first week of 2020.

10 January 2020

Millions went hungry under Jokowi’s watch

Earlier this month, Indonesia celebrated its National Heroes Day. The day, which falls on 10 November, is commemorated to honour all the Indonesian fighters killed and injured in the heroic Battle of Surabaya, East Java, on 10 November 1945.

18 November 2019

Can Indonesia’s new capital solve its old woes?

Indonesia’s decision to move its capital from Jakarta raises several key questions for Southeast Asia’s largest economy.Faced with notorious traffic jams, rapid sinking and a host of other problems, Indonesia’s President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo last week officially announced plans to shift ASEAN’s most populous capital to Kalimantan – an area on Borneo, an island which Indonesia shares with Malaysia and Brunei.With Indonesia located in the Ring of Fire, Kalimantan was identified as a possible lo

23 August 2019

Jakarta riots: A sign of growing polarisation 

Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, was returning to normal Friday as traffic returned to the centre following two nights of deadly clashes between protesters and police that left seven dead and hundreds injured.The subdued mood in what is normally a frenetic and noisy urban sprawl of more than 30 million people belies a polarisation in the country that has been building steam for years.

26 May 2019

ASEAN’s democracy is low quality

Indonesia pulled off a complex yet peaceful election across its vast – and ethnically diverse – island territory this week, cementing its place as a democratic beacon in a sea of authoritarian governments, analysts say.But the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation still faces a spike in militant Islam and myriad other challenges.On Wednesday, the sprawling Southeast Asian archipelago saw as many as 190 million voters cast ballots to elect a new president, parliamentarians and local legi

19 April 2019

What next for defeated Prabowo?

Indonesia's Joko Widodo said Thursday his re-election as head of the world's third-biggest democracy was all but assured, calling for calm as his firebrand ex-general rival insisted he had in fact won the nation's top job.Widodo, 57, said he had received phone calls from world leaders to congratulate him on his country's biggest-ever election, but added he would await the final results before formally declaring victory.He cited a series of so-called "quick counts&quot

19 April 2019

Indonesia’s education dilemma

Last October, Alibaba Group co-founder Jack Ma revealed that he was in discussion with the Indonesian government regarding the possibility of opening an institute to train tech entrepreneurs in the country. This, he said, would help Indonesia meet the skill demands of Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

14 April 2019

From tourist to illegal worker

Indonesia is hoping to attract 3.5 million Chinese tourists to visit various tourist destinations in the country this year. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya expressed optimism that the target of 3.5 million Chinese tourist arrivals for 2019 would be achieved after the ministry designated Singapore as a hub for the Indonesian tourism market."Our weakness is that we do not have many direct flights.

12 April 2019

Why Jokowi chose Ma’ruf Amin

After several weeks of speculation, on 9 August last year, Indonesian President Joko Widodo finally announced 75-year-old Ma’ruf Amin as his running mate in the upcoming presidential elections. Jokowi officially announced Ma’ruf as his candidate for vice-president a day before political parties were required to shortlist names for the presidential race.Indonesia, the world’s third-largest democracy, is slated to hold its presidential elections very soon.

11 April 2019

Female fans in pursuit of Jokowi

Tears stream down Lilis Hastirini's mascara-smudged face after she waited hours to snap a selfie with Indonesia's president, only to be thwarted by a crush of other female fans with the same idea.It is a take-no-prisoners battle on the election trail in this selfie-mad nation, where few shots count more than a close up with "everyman" leader Joko Widodo, a former furniture salesman who rose from a riverside slum to high office.Hastirini was among some 10,000 other desperat

8 April 2019

The Papua problem

Papua was formerly a Dutch-controlled colony and had since been annexed by Indonesia in 1963.

5 April 2019