China's Cardinal Sins In Hong Kong

Much of the world remains focused on the grisly developments in Ukraine, where Russian President Vladimir Putin’s army continues to commit war crimes against a sovereign country he claims is an inalienable part of Russia. Meanwhile, the story in Hong Kong has gone from very bad to even worse. In a farcical selection process dressed up as democracy, the Communist Party of China (CPC) recently installed a former policeman, John Lee, as the new chief executive of its puppet reg

27 May 2022

Get Ready For Reverse Currency Wars

The United States (US) dollar is up 12 percent against the euro over the past year and, at €0.93, is approaching parity. If prices of oil and other commodities now seem high in dollar terms, they look even higher in euros.

26 May 2022

The Fight For Press Freedom Is Local

A macabre political thriller recently unfolded in the Philippine province of Palawan, an island known mostly for its rich biodiversity and pristine beaches. On 9 May, Joel T Reyes, the alleged mastermind of the 2011 murder of well-known radio broadcaster Gerry Ortega, ran again for governor.

25 May 2022

The Clash Of Asia's Titans

With global attention focused on Russia’s war in Ukraine, China’s territorial expansionism in Asia – especially its expanding border conflict with India – has largely fallen off the international community’s radar. Yet, in the vast glaciated heights of the Himalayas, the world’s demographic titans have been on a war footing for over two years, and the chances of violent clashes rise almost by the day.The confrontation began in May 2020.

23 May 2022

Philippines-China Relations Under A BBM Presidency

The renaissance of the friendly and good bilateral relations between the Philippines and China despite existing differences is one of the legacies of the Duterte administration that yielded tangible and concrete benefits for both countries and their peoples. The Philippines-China bilateral relations have not only improved under the Duterte administration but have been upgraded to a “comprehensive strategic cooperation.” Indeed, the ties between the two countries have improved dramati

22 May 2022

What Justifies China's Zero-COVID Policy?

A tough decision to lockdown Shanghai, China’s largest city, shocked the world. After six weeks, and despite a sharp decline in infections, Shanghai’s lockdown has imposed enormous costs on the city and its residents.

19 May 2022

Tribute To PRRD & Expectations From BBM

Roughly a month before the end of his term, President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency continued to amaze the Filipino people. Despite the economic difficulty faced by the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is on an economic growth trajectory. It was recently reported that the Philippine economy grew by 8.3 percent in the first quarter of 2022.

15 May 2022

When Does Inflation Stop?

Until a few years ago, major economies were struggling to achieve even mild inflation, with policymakers in the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK), and the eurozone struggling to meet their targets of two percent annual price growth. But with the arrival and persistence of COVID-19, the world changed dramatically.

4 May 2022

The Quad At A Crossroads

When the Quad was first conceived as a strategic coalition of the Indo-Pacific’s four leading democracies, many doubted that it would amount to much.

2 May 2022

Philippines Elections: Why BBM Not Leni?

There are roughly eight days left before D-Day, when around 67 million Filipino voters will exercise their right to suffrage and choose a successor to President Rodrigo Duterte. Among the presidential and vice-presidential aspirants, former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos (BBM) and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio of the UniTeam are way ahead of their rivals. The support for the UniTeam’s standard-bearers has been consistent even before the official campaign period.

1 May 2022