10 Fun & Exciting Places in Singapore to Take Your Kids to

As a parent, thinking of a holiday in Singapore with your children will be equal parts fun and stressful. It’ll be fun because you get to project your own childhood dreams of visiting or experiencing a certain activity (wink wink) and also get to spend time with your little buddies. However, it can also get very stressful trying to figure out what you and your child(ren) will enjoy together.

24 September 2019

Guide: 7 Handy Tips for the Southeast Asian Backpacker

Avid traveller and frequent flyer Charles David shares his memorable highlights from all his trips around ASEAN, and what every traveller-to-be should know — from a backpacker’s point of view.1. VietnamHighlight: The most memorable event was the Cu Ci Tunnel exploration for me. It awed me because it looked so plain and deserted from the top, but there was a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country.

20 September 2019

9 Ways to Be the Perfect Roommate or Vacay Buddy, PLUS Real-Life Roommate Disaster Stories

Whether you’re moving into a new home with housemates, or travelling in a group that would require you to share a room, there are certain rules that — for everybody’s comfort — we must be aware of and abide by.Unfortunately, some of us get so lost in our own worlds that we tend to forget about others, while some others have also experienced some very nasty roomie situations … but we’ll get to that later.So here we have a gentle reminder on how to be a good roommate — no, the perfect roommate

9 September 2019

11 of Our Favourite Sights and Scenes in Quanzhou

When thinking of taking a trip to China, we admit that Quanzhou probably wouldn’t be one of the few places that would come to mind. However, allow us to change your mind because we changed ours after our recent visit there.We detailed our adventures in our previous articles, of course, such as 8 Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Quanzhou and JinJiang, China, as well as 8 Important Religious Sites, Showcase The Importance Of Old Silk Road’s Quanzhou in China.

6 September 2019

Welcome to Japan, Where You Can Find Pokémon on Manhole Covers

Japan being Japan, is never lacking when it comes to offbeat and kawaii (cute) stuff. Their latest offering? Pokémon manhole covers!Of course we shouldn’t expect anything less from a country that has their own Japan Society of Manhole Covers. Yes, it’s a thing. The website, entirely in Japanese, features submissions on nothing else but the variety of manhole covers available here. Manhole covers in Japan are unique according to their locality, functionality and manufacturer.

13 August 2019

10 Green Destinations Around The World (Part 1)

Since Malaysia and perhaps all of Asia for that matter, are now working towards a more sustainable lifestyle and culture, it’s good to have some role models to look up to. There are about 20 cities in the world at the moment that are setting the benchmark for us all, and in this article, we’re going to look at the first 10. Perhaps they might also inspire you to go green, and serve as your next trip’s destination as well?SEE ALSO: You Can Make the World Greener During Your Travels.

7 August 2019

What I learned From A Beach Weekend With Lush And Turtles

There’s only one way to describe a weekend filled with fun activities including a visit to a turtle conservation centre, a bath bomb workshop, not to mention all-you-can-eat buffets: TURTLE-Y AWESOME!The trip, hosted by LUSH Malaysia and Club Med Cherating Beach, was to highlight the plight of turtles and other sea creatures.

5 August 2019

Japan Bucket List: 10 Must-Go Places In Tokyo & Sapporo

Welcome back to yet another episode of Japan Bucket List! This time we’re pinpointing Tokyo and Sapporo, so be sure to bookmark this for your planning purposes.ICYMI, we did a similar bucket list of must-visit places in Osaka and Fukuoka, which you might want to check out too. So, without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?10 Things To See and Do in Tokyo:1. Shibuya Crossing, TokyoImage: @streets_visionOF COURSE this was going to be part of the list!

24 July 2019

Bagan is Now UNESCO-Certified. Here are 5 Fun Ways to Explore this Gem in Myanmar

Adventure or comfort? Whatever your sightseeing style, Myanmar’s scenic ancient city has got you covered.Located in the central part of Myanmar, the ancient city of Bagan is reachable via three-hour bus or car ride from Mandalay or eight hours from Yangon. At first glance, it’s hard to comprehend just how many temples are scattered around the lush green plains.

15 July 2019