Placemaker Week ASEAN

Preserving Yangon’s heritage sites

As Myanmar celebrates its 99th National Day today, the challenge of how best to balance its rich architectural and cultural heritage with the demands of modern development is as important as ever.Nowhere is this more apparent than in the port city of Yangon, the country’s former capital which has the distinction of having the densest concentration of colonial-era buildings of any city in Asia.The biggest city in Myanmar, Yangon’s 19th- and early 20th-century colonial architecture was slowly r

21 November 2019

Placemaking: Creating better cities for all

Be it the neighbourhood wet market that sells fresh food and produce, street festivals that deliver a dose of art or music, or parks which provide fresh air and a chance to reconnect with nature – public spaces are the cornerstones of thriving communities.But mass urban migration and rapid development are putting untold stresses on ASEAN’s cities, placing even greater emphasis on the way public spaces are designed and utilised.Almost half of the region’s total population now

8 November 2019