Labour Day Migrant Crackdown In Malaysia

Labour Day - which falls on 1 May every year - was an eventful day in Malaysia. The ASEAN member state which recently reported a plunge in COVID-19 cases – announced plans to ease the country’s partial lockdown, known locally as the Movement Control Order (MCO). Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in a special address to the nation that the government will enforce a conditional MCO beginning 4 May.

4 May 2020

'Stranded' Rohingya Land On Bangladesh Coast

Dozens of Rohingya refugees believed to have come from two boats stranded at sea for weeks as they tried to reach Malaysia landed on the Bangladesh coast on Saturday, Rohingya community leaders said.Bangladesh has refused to let the two trawlers carrying about 500 people to land on its territory despite United Nations (UN) calls to allow them in as a powerful storm bears down on the region.Security officials said a small boat carrying about 40 people, including "starving" women and

3 May 2020

Myanmar Army Again Guilty Of Abuses: UN Expert

Myanmar's military must be investigated for possible "war crimes and crimes against humanity" as a conflict with rebels in the country's northwest ramps up, a United Nations (UN) rights expert said Wednesday.The military is locked in an increasingly bloody civil war against the Arakan Army (AA), an insurgent group fighting for more autonomy for ethnic Rakhine Buddhists.Scores have been killed, hundreds wounded and some 150,000 people have fled their homes since the fightin

30 April 2020

Myanmar’s Rohingya: An Unwanted People

Xenophobic sentiments on social media against “the most discriminated people in the world” – the Rohingya of Myanmar – is on the rise in Malaysia.A few weeks ago, it was reported that Malaysia denied entry to a boat carrying around 200 Rohingya refugees which was spotted by an air force jet off the north-western island of Langkawi.

29 April 2020

800 Freed Rohingya Prisoners Sent Back To Rakhine

Myanmar shipped hundreds of recently released Rohingya inmates back to the country's restive western borderlands on Monday (20 April), after fears that its overcrowded prisons could become hotbeds for runaway coronavirus outbreaks.Men, women and children belonging to the stateless and long-persecuted Muslim minority were among nearly 25,000 prisoners freed last week by a presidential pardon to mark the country's April New Year celebrations.A Navy vessel transported the group from Ya

21 April 2020

Rohingya Camps Defenceless Against COVID-19

The Rohingya are described as being “the most discriminated people in the world” by the United Nations (UN). They are one of Myanmar’s many ethnic minorities. However, the government of Myanmar refuses to recognise them as its citizens. In 2017, a deadly crackdown by Myanmar’s military – also known as the Tatmadaw – on the Rohingya Muslims sent many of them fleeing the country.

8 April 2020

Myanmar's camps face 'catastrophe' from virus

Hundreds of thousands of people displaced by conflict in Myanmar face a health "catastrophe" from the coronavirus pandemic, a rights group warned, as international calls grow for an end to fighting. Overcrowded camps with an estimated 350,000 people were "COVID-19 tinderboxes", Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.

3 April 2020

Rohingya fear new Trump US ban

A refugee from Myanmar's tyrannised Rohingya minority, Lila Mubarak embodies perfectly the "poor, huddled masses" welcomed to the United States (US) for more than a century by a bronze plaque at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.The 27-year-old beams as she recounts her difficult path to citizenship a few short years after fleeing persecution in her homeland to make a new life in America's third city, Chicago. "I'm so happy to be an American citizen beca

22 February 2020

No rights for the Rohingya?

When the 34th ASEAN Summit concluded in June 2019 in Bangkok, it came as no surprise that the bloc was met with heavy criticism for suggesting Rohingya refugees will repatriate back to Myanmar within two years. More than 700,000 Rohingya were forced to flee northern Rakhine state in western Myanmar during a 2017 military-led crackdown the United Nations (UN) has said included mass killings and gang-rapes executed with “genocidal intent”.

12 February 2020

Is Myanmar guilty of genocide?

It was recently reported that Myanmar had conceded that it had committed “war crimes” against its Rohingya Muslim community. This is as far as Myanmar has ever gone in admitting responsibility for the atrocities committed against its Rohingya minority. Still, to some observers, this is not good enough.On 20 January, a Myanmar-appointed panel concluded that some soldiers likely committed war crimes against the Rohingya but that the military, however, was not guilty of genocide.

22 January 2020

Forces committed war crimes against Rohingya

A Myanmar-appointed panel concluded Monday that some soldiers likely committed war crimes against its Rohingya Muslim community but the military was not guilty of genocide, findings swiftly condemned by rights groups.The "Independent Commission Of Enquiry (ICOE)" released the results of its probe just ahead of a ruling Thursday by the United Nations’ (UN) top court on whether to impose urgent measures to stop alleged ongoing genocide in Myanmar.It conceded some security personnel ha

21 January 2020

Myanmar sends Rohingya captured at sea to Rakhine

Nearly 200 Rohingya Muslims arrested at sea last month by Myanmar's navy after a voyage of hundreds of kilometres have been sent back to Rakhine state, officials said Monday.Seasonal calmer waters have seen an increase in the number of Rohingya putting their lives in the hands of traffickers in a desperate bid to reach Malaysia or Indonesia by boat.But few make it as far as Kawthaung, Myanmar's southern-most tip, where the group of 173 were picked up mid-December.Images taken on Mon

14 January 2020