Skills shortages may hit Singapore hard

Singapore has attracted high-tech manufacturers with incentives and a well-educated workforce, but growing demand for highly skilled labour, combined with limits on numbers of foreign workers may mean a tougher path ahead.

11 May 2019

Singapore passes 'fake news' law

Singapore's parliament Wednesday passed laws to combat "fake news" that will allow authorities to order the removal of online content despite fierce criticism from tech giants and rights groups.

9 May 2019

Taking the fight to climate change

For Singapore, integrating its climate change efforts and aligning them with international standards will be key to achieving several targets in the years to come. 

4 May 2019

Malaysia’s medical tourism on a high

The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is targeting several new ASEAN markets and the Middle East as it continues to establish Malaysia as a leading global destination for healthcare.

3 May 2019

Struggling SMEs should turn to tech

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore have been hailed as the driving force behind the island nation’s economy. The government there has pointed out that SMEs make up 99 percent of all enterprises in the country and employ as many as 65 percent of Singapore’s workforce.

17 April 2019

Singapore's 'fake news' laws upset tech giants

Tech giants have reacted with horror after Singapore proposed laws against "fake news" allowing authorities to order the removal of content and impose hefty fines, in what critics say is an assault on free speech.

8 April 2019

Singapore to submit UNESCO hawker nomination

Singapore will submit a nomination for its hawker culture to be listed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of Humanity by the end of this month.

15 March 2019

Singapore battles fake news

In India, something as simple as a WhatsApp message can be as deadly as a live bullet. While no official count is kept, police and government officials estimate that more than two dozen people have been killed by mobs thanks to the spread of fake news through the popular messaging app.

13 March 2019

Singapore regulates its Personal Mobility Devices

Two Singaporean start-ups were charged in court last month for providing Personal Mobility Device-sharing (PMD-sharing) services at public places – the latest in a string of reports surrounding regulatory controls for PMDs in the city-state. 

4 March 2019