Singapore Stock Exchange

Singapore eyes dual-class share structure

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) entered into the final phase of consultation to allow dual-class share (DCS) structure listings on 28 March. It subsequently launched a public consultation for proposed safeguards to address the risks of expropriation and entrenchment. A DCS structure refers to the issuance of different classes of shares, one class of which carries heavier voting rights than the other.

29 March 2018

Can the Malaysia-Singapore Connect benefit ASEAN?

Malaysia and Singapore’s joint decision to set up stock market trading links between Bursa Malaysia (BM) and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is likely to increase their capital markets liquidity while cutting down on cross-border trading costs in the long term.

8 February 2018

Myanmar's first tourism stock starts trading in Singapore

Thousands of tourists have floated in a hot-air balloon over Myanmar’s historic Bagan plains dotted with more than 2,200 ancient Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries. Chances are they rode one of Memories Group Ltd.’s inflatables.The company, the largest operator of balloons in the area, will start trading under the MEGL ticker on the Singapore stock exchange on Friday.

5 January 2018