Thailand’s EV dreams facing a setback

In March, news was abuzz regarding the seasonal heavy air pollution in Thailand. Because this toxic smog is something that Thais are no strangers to, there surely must have been some sighs of relief when the government revealed years ago that it was looking at becoming the hub for the production of electric vehicles (EVs) in the region.The use of EVs is part of a bigger plan by the government there which is the Thailand Alternative Energy Development Plan 2012-2021 in which its commi

13 June 2019

ASEAN must switch to electric vehicles faster

While electric vehicles (EVs) continue to capture the attention of consumers in ASEAN, policies and subsidies in line with those found in countries leading the switch to EVs will make electric vehicles a more attractive proposition for the region. EVs, including hybrid electric cars, can drastically reduce carbon emissions released into the environment. Compared to conventional cars that release unhealthy amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into the

5 June 2019