Opportunities In A COVID-19 World

The coronavirus crisis has brought chaos to nations across the world. Fears and anxiety amplify as the virus is not only a health threat – but is also severely affecting livelihoods, businesses and the economy in general. Governments have imposed drastic measures to contain the COVID-19 virus such as travel restrictions and citywide lockdowns. Although these curbs have proven to be necessary for some countries – they have devastated local industries and businesses.

21 May 2020

Smartphone Vs Virus: Privacy The Loser?

In Europe, officials, doctors and engineers are looking at how smartphones could be enlisted in the war against the spread of the new coronavirus. One obvious attraction for health officials is the possibility of using smartphones to find out with whom someone diagnosed with COVID-19 has been in contact. But can this be done without intrusive surveillance and access to our devices that store a wealth of private information?Anonymised And Aggregated Firms can "a

5 April 2020

Why America Is Losing To COVID-19

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s behaviour over the past two weeks is exactly what’s wrong with America’s response to COVID-19. Paul has a compromised lung, so he decided that he should be tested for the disease out of an abundance of caution. From the time of his test until he was confirmed positive six days later, Paul did nothing to protect those around him.

4 April 2020

Digital nomads in Southeast Asia

A digital nomad is not a job, but a work-travel lifestyle. They are a breed of enterprising individuals who make their living while travelling the world. They are location-independent and use technology to perform their jobs. Technology has allowed for new forms of working environments to thrive, rendering formal workspaces a thing of the past.Professions that digital nomads usually take up are writing and blogging, web design, software development and the occasional photography.

14 March 2020

Better integration for ASEAN’s disabled

A 2019 report by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) estimates that 15 percent of the global population is made up of persons with disability, which makes them one of the largest minority groups in the world. In Asia and Pacific this translates to 690 million people.

20 February 2020

Can AI give retail a boost?

The retail industry has undergone multiple transformations during the past century, with those who adapt and innovate continuing to survive. It also helps if one is exceptionally unique. It seems that the world's consumers have gotten a little tired from having to explore multiple shopping locations to find what they want or need.

13 February 2020

Investing in ASEAN start-ups

Southeast Asia is proving to be one of the most successful and fastest growing digital markets in the world. While the likes of Grab and Lazada have established themselves in the region, many other start-ups are fast-developing unique and innovative forms of services to tap into the lucrative digital economy. Singapore is currently home to some of the most heavily funded start-ups in the region, including Grab and Sea.

22 January 2020

Help SMEs get with the times

The vice-president and managing director of Sage Asia, Arlene Wherrett, was recently reported to have said in an interview with Bernama that “Despite the high level of awareness on the importance of digital adaptation in businesses, small-medium enterprises (SMEs) are still complacent in moving up or upskilling their workforce to adopt automation”.

28 December 2019