Singapore targets e-scooters after accidents

Tiny Singapore had embraced electric scooters in a big way, but deaths and fires linked to the two-wheelers have prompted authorities to introduce tough rules that could put a brake on their runaway success.The contraptions have popped up in cities worldwide but pedestrians in many places have come to see the silent machines as menaces, and authorities have been scrambling to regulate them.Tens of thousands flooded Singapore, becoming particularly popular among commuters and workers deliverin

12 November 2019

Myanmar and Lao to get infrastructure boost

Myanmar and Lao PDR look to be the biggest winners of an ASEAN plan to boost connectivity with a series of infrastructure projects.The regional bloc unveiled a list of 19 projects in the Initial Rolling Priority Pipeline of Potential ASEAN Infrastructure Projects (Initial Pipeline) on Monday, one of the initiatives under the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025.The 19 projects in seven countries cover transport, energy, and information and communication technology, sectors which will contri

14 June 2019