United States

US: Don't trust China on 5G

The scores of pages of United States (US) indictments handed down Monday against Huawei Technologies Co. don’t explicitly mention anything about 5G networks or China’s spy agency.

30 January 2019

Asian markets boosted by China-US trade hopes

Asian markets rallied Friday as another broadly positive week drew to a close, with investors cheered by a report that the United States (US) was considering lifting tariffs on China as officials look to hammer out a trade deal.

18 January 2019

Supply chain shift to ASEAN

The relocation of production bases from China to ASEAN is perhaps the most notable benefit of the ongoing US-China trade war for the region.

17 January 2019

Kim boosted by China talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un came away from his fourth meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping with his hand strengthened in nuclear talks with the United States (US), analysts say, even as Seoul urged him to do more.

12 January 2019

China hopes US, North Korea 'meet halfway'

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered North Korean leader Kim Jong-un firm backing in deadlocked nuclear talks with the United States (US) and reasserted Beijing's key role in the wider process, according to the two allies' state media Thursday.

10 January 2019

Who benefits from Trump’s trade war?

In 1950, the Canadian-born Princeton University economist Jacob Viner explained a customs union produces a “trade creation” effect, as lower tariffs and non-tariff barriers spur increased flows of goods among member countries.

2 January 2019

Is Beijing unstoppable in the South China Sea?

Verbal warnings, strongly worded statements and freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) – all seem to have fallen on deaf ears as Beijing continues its pursuit of militarising islands in the disputed South China Sea.

24 December 2018

China’s South China Sea grab

It has been just five years since China initiated its major land reclamation in the South China Sea, and the country has already shifted the territorial status quo in its favour – without facing any international pushback.

16 December 2018