US-China relations

The costs of trade war

In a trade war, companies across a wide range of sectors will lose profits, and workers will lose jobs.

19 June 2018

Mattis warns China over South China Sea moves

Mattis gave a forceful defense of the US’ commitment to its allies in the region, stretching back to Thomas Jefferson, through to the 1945 defeat of fascism and Cold War encroachments by the former Soviet Union.

3 June 2018

The world according to Trump and Xi

Trump’s “America First” strategy and Xi’s “Chinese dream” are founded on a common premise: that the world’s two biggest powers have complete latitude to act in their own interest.

23 May 2018

Is the US-China trade war ending?

The announcement came as a surprise following the first round of talks between the US and China that indicated both countries were at an impasse.

22 May 2018