Xi Jingping

The world according to Trump and Xi

Trump’s “America First” strategy and Xi’s “Chinese dream” are founded on a common premise: that the world’s two biggest powers have complete latitude to act in their own interest.

23 May 2018

Xi's strong hand against Trump

In terms of international diplomacy, Trump’s trade war will help China present itself as the defender of the rules-based international order and multilateral institutions such as the World Trade Organization.

12 April 2018

China's “Belt & Road” gains momentum from Kunming to Mombasa

The $1.5 billion oil pipeline that runs from Kyaukpyu to Kunming began operations last year, allowing crude supplies from the Middle East and Africa to reach China faster as shipments no longer need to be transported through the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea.

11 April 2018