Ageing population

ASEAN’s growing demand for medical devices

Southeast Asia may have a burgeoning youth (15-34 years) population that’s expected to peak at around 220 million in 2038, up from 213 million in 2017. However, the region’s demographic clock continues to tick as the existing population continues to age. A rapidly ageing population within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states will spur the demand for healthcare.

3 August 2018

Can an ageing ASEAN stay competitive?

Across Asia, demographic trends are indicating a growing ageing population with the 65 and above age category projected to more than double, reaching close to 2.5 times the current figures by 2050. Similar patterns can be discerned in Southeast Asia. The ageing markets within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) can be divided into three separate categories – high-income, mid-income and low-income ageing markets.

14 July 2018

India is set to become Asia's growth engine

India is poised to emerge as an economic superpower, driven in part by its young population, while China and the Asian Tigers age rapidly, according to Deloitte.The number of people aged 65 and over in Asia will climb from 365 million today to more than half a billion in 2027, accounting for 60 percent of that age group globally by 2030, Deloitte said in a report Monday.

18 September 2017