Cambodia’s Food Crisis In A Pandemic

The coronavirus crisis has severely affected livelihoods, local industries and the economy in general. It has also disrupted world trade, supply chains and also the production of food and agricultural products and commodities. According to Samarendu Mohanty, Asia Regional Director at the International Potato Center, the production of wheat and rice in Asia would be heavily impacted if lockdowns to curb the pandemic and virus restrictions continue to be enforced.

30 June 2020

Empowering Indonesia’s Women Farmers

"If you teach a man to farm, his family will eat. If you teach a woman to farm, the whole community will eat." This quote highlights the fact that closing the gender gap in agriculture would not only produce more food but also provide long-term benefits for farming families and their communities.An empirical study in the Springer Journal titled, Gender in Agriculture reveals that women lack access to agricultural inputs, training, information and marketing services.

5 April 2020

Myanmar at risk from extreme climate

According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, Myanmar has had the highest weather-related losses in the past two decades, alongside Puerto Rico and Haiti. It is said that Myanmar is also one of the most vulnerable countries at risk of climate crisis. The consequences of climate change can be seen around the world, with natural disasters and rising sea levels headlining global news.

18 March 2020

GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE: Improving regional integration in ASEAN

“One Vision, One Identity, One Community.” That’s the motto of the Association for Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), a regional intergovernmental organisation made up of 10 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The goal of regional cooperation is to facilitate common interests, unifying the region through mutual cooperation while simultaneously recognising each country’s cultural, social and economic identity.

11 March 2020

The future of agriculture

Over the past weeks, our newspapers and social media feeds have been dominated with devastating images of Australia’s bushlands burning to the ground. Forests on fire, soils drying, glaciers melting - these wake-up calls that climate change is having irreversible effects on nature and all living species now come on a near-constant basis.

4 February 2020

Light bulb moment for next generation agriculture

Agriculture can either be the main cause or our greatest asset in fighting the climate crisis. But, for this, it must be radically transformed. Humanity now depends on just three crops (wheat, rice and maize) for more than half of its food.

29 January 2020

Millions went hungry under Jokowi’s watch

Earlier this month, Indonesia celebrated its National Heroes Day. The day, which falls on 10 November, is commemorated to honour all the Indonesian fighters killed and injured in the heroic Battle of Surabaya, East Java, on 10 November 1945.

18 November 2019

Indonesia is hungry

In a recent report, it was found that 22 million people in Indonesia suffered from chronic hunger between the years 2016 and 2018. The report also acknowledged that there was strong growth in Indonesia’s agricultural sector and the country’s overall economy over the past several decades. Despite significant strides in the sector, however, many people across the country are still engaged in traditional agriculture as they are trapped in low-paid activities.

12 November 2019

Indonesian forest fires put palm oil under scrutiny

A brutal Indonesian forest fire season that left Southeast Asia choking in smog has renewed scrutiny of major palm oil and paper companies, with activists accusing them of breaking promises to halt logging.The monster blazes sent a pall of acrid smoke over the region for weeks, closing schools and airports and causing a spike in respiratory ailments.Mostly lit to clear land for agriculture, they were the worst seen in the country since 2015.Leading companies have in recent years pledged not t

30 September 2019

Why agriculture investment in Lao is lacking

While the Lao PDR government recently called for increased investment in agriculture to boost its export market, there are several issues that have to be tackled before foreign investors come knocking.Speaking to local media earlier this week, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr Bounkhuang Khambounheuang, said Cuba and Indonesia expressed interest in importing 100,000 and one million tons of rice respectively, with Vietnam seeking to purchase 500,000 head of livestock.The country,

30 August 2019

Indonesia’s female farmers treated unfairly

Indonesia’s Agrarian and Spatial Planning Ministry and the National Land Agency (BPN) have an ambitious target of distributing 60 million land certificates for land ownership by 2025. 11 million land certificates are expected to be distributed in 2019, under its Agrarian Reform program.

24 July 2019