Guide: 7 Handy Tips for the Southeast Asian Backpacker

Avid traveller and frequent flyer Charles David shares his memorable highlights from all his trips around ASEAN, and what every traveller-to-be should know — from a backpacker’s point of view. 1. Vietnam Highlight:  The most memorable event was the Cu Ci Tunnel exploration for me. It awed me because it looked so plain and deserted...
20 September 2019

Ensuring Brunei has enough rice

Brunei is trying to reach its rice self-sufficiency target of 11 percent by 2020 and wean itself off imports from Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
27 March 2019

Youth key to Brunei’s development

The Brunei economy is expected to pick up by 2.1 percent in 2019 after going through a slowdown last year, and the country’s youth are encouraged to play a bigger part in economic development.
23 February 2019