Rohingya Reduced To Drug Smuggling

Rohingya refugees fleeing anti-Muslim persecution in Myanmar are being exploited by the Arakan Army to smuggle synthetic drugs into Bangladesh. The army, which is demanding greater autonomy for Myanmar’s Rakhine State, uses money from the drug sales to purchase arms and ammunition. It moves the drugs from production centres in Myanmar’s interior to Rakhine State, where the Rohingya make the arduous trek along refugee migration routes into neighbouring Bangladesh.

31 May 2020

Singapore Slammed For Zoom Death Sentence

Singapore was criticised for being "cruel and inhumane" Wednesday after a death sentence was handed down via video-conferencing platform Zoom.Malaysian drug trafficker Punithan Genasan was Friday sentenced to hang in a hearing conducted remotely due to restrictions in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus, court officials said.The 37-year-old had been found guilty over the trafficking of at least 28.5 grams (1.0 ounce) of heroin, a crime punishable by death under the city-st

21 May 2020

COVID-19 Survivors’ Blood In High Demand

The COVID-19 coronavirus has infected more than 4.3 million people, taking with it close to 300,000 lives. Governments around the world have imposed strict measures to contain the deadly outbreak. This includes citywide lockdowns and travel curbs. The pandemic has severely affected livelihoods, local businesses and the general economy.

13 May 2020

Myanmar army smashes three drug labs

Sacks of heroin and methamphetamine are laid out in endless rows in a remote Myanmar border zone during a rare raid in the heart of Southeast Asia's infamous 'Golden Triangle'.The seizure in one of the world's biggest narcotics-producing regions put three major laboratories out of business this week and hauled in 43 million meth tablets.Record amounts of drugs continue to be churned out of the lawless forest areas by rebel groups and shadowy organised crime networks making

8 March 2020

Albayalde indicted for corruption in drug war

The former chief police enforcer of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly war on drugs will be charged with corruption for allegedly protecting officers linked to the narcotics trade, the justice department said Thursday.Oscar Albayalde resigned in October after serving as Philippine police chief for more than a year, having presided over an anti-narcotics crackdown that left thousands of drug suspects dead.The episode that led to his sudden fall from grace cast an unwelcome ligh

17 January 2020

Confessions of a cannabis farmer

Holed up alone in a suburban British house thousands of miles from home, cannabis farmer Cuong Nguyen spent months carefully nurturing his plants, one of thousands of Vietnamese migrants working in the UK's multi-billion dollar weed industry.Cuong - who is now 41 - slipped into Britain illegally, hidden under a lorry before going on to grow cannabis in homes, hotels and even a stable.His dangerous journey from the poor, rough Vietnamese port town of Haiphong to Britain's illegal can

17 October 2019

Philippine police chief quits amid narcotics scandal

The Philippines' top policeman, who leads the nation's deadly drugs crackdown, quit on Monday as he faces allegations of protecting officers accused of selling a huge haul of seized narcotics.Though the scandal dates from before Oscar Albayalde's time as national police chief, it has raised fresh criticism of President Rodrigo Duterte's signature anti-narcotics campaign, which is key to his massive popularity among Filipinos.As part of Duterte's internationally condem

15 October 2019

At least 14 dead in Myanmar rebel attack

At least 14 people have been killed in ongoing fighting Thursday between Myanmar's military and rebels who mounted a series of attacks, including an unprecedented strike on an army academy, apparently in retaliation for massive drug seizures.Ethnic armed rebel groups have for decades fought against the military - and often between themselves - for land and resources in Myanmar's east.Experts say the area is now the world's largest meth-producing region, funding the complex web

16 August 2019

Treatment centres, not jails

Malaysia’s plan to become the first ASEAN country to decriminalise the use and possession of small quantities of drugs for personal use must go hand-in-hand with public awareness programs and on the ground work by non-governmental organisations (NGOs).While the Malaysian public may think drugs will now be sold openly if this landmark decision is implemented, this is simply not true.

6 July 2019

Philippines rejects call for UN rights council probe

The Philippines on Saturday rejected a call for an independent United Nations probe into Manila's alleged human rights violations, describing it as interference in the affairs of the Asian nation.UN rights experts asked the UN Human Rights Council on Friday to look into the "staggering number of unlawful deaths and police killings in the context of the so-called war on drugs, as well as killings of human rights defenders".President Rodrigo Duterte has overseen a narcotics crack

11 June 2019

Will Thailand legalise marijuana?

In the past couple of weeks there has been talk regarding the legalising of marijuana cultivation for medicinal purposes in Thailand. Based on local news reports, both legislators and state officials have been voicing either their support or disdain towards this issue. However, until today there has been no confirmation regarding the possible legalising of marijuana cultivation.

23 January 2018

ASEAN Roundup: January 1 - January 7, 2018

What can we expect from 2018?The ASEAN Post began the year with an in-depth review of what to expect from the region throughout 2018. The review covered aspects including capital markets, energy, environment, real estate, general elections and the Belt Road Initiative (BRI).Last year, ASEAN was touted to admit its 11th member – Timor-Leste but failed to do so. The topic of ascension to ASEAN is easy enough to understand.

7 January 2018