Foreign Labour

Strengthening ASEAN’s labour force

If the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) were a single country, its approximate population would be a staggering 630 million, making it the fourth largest in the world behind India, China and the European Union. Economic growth is impressive, with an average annual real growth rate slightly higher than 5 percent.

19 January 2018

AI could hold key to ASEAN prosperity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a polarising subject in recent years. There are technology luminaries who are avid proponents, like Mark Zuckerberg, and those who have shared serious misgivings, like Elon Musk.Much of the opposition to AI development hinges on a concept once found in science fiction novels – AI’s ability to outthink and outmanoeuvre humans.Recent examples, like Google’s AlphaGo defeating 18-time Go champion Lee Sedol, have given the public a reason to pause. Why?

18 October 2017