General Election

India election: Five places to watch

Roughly 900 million registered voters will begin heading to the polls this week as India begins a marathon, six-week general election that will determine the course of the world’s second-most populous country.

9 April 2019

What can stop the baht?

The baht is looking to repeat its performance as one of Asia’s best currencies last year. Monday’s growth data will shed light on a key pillar of its recent strength and may help it stay in pole position at least through the first quarter.

18 February 2019

Cambodia kicks off campaign for controversial election

Cambodian political parties on Saturday kicked off a three-week-long campaign for a controversial general election later this month, which strongman Hun Sen is poised to sweep after the main opposition were disbanded and their senior members driven into

10 July 2018

Malaysia at crossroads

On 9 May 2018, Malaysians from all walks of life will go to the polls in what has been dubbed “the mother of all elections.” The elections on Wednesday, the country's 14th since gaining independence in 1957, will decide whether the National Front (Baris

8 May 2018

Electoral rumbles in Indonesia

Election fever has started to sweep Indonesia. The largest democracy in Southeast Asia heads to the polls twice in the next year and a half.

7 February 2018

A revitalised Thailand by 2019?

Thais are expected to head to the polls in November this year to democratically elect a new government after being ruled by a military government since 2014.

14 January 2018

ASEAN in 2018

The Southeast Asian region, like every other part of the globe has had a tempestuous year in 2017 with many hurdles thrown its way.

1 January 2018