Make In India

RCEP delayed to 2019

The RCEP encompasses 25 percent global GDP, 45 percent of the total population, 30 percent of global income and 30 percent global trade.

16 November 2018

Brunei’s balancing act

Brunei’s delicate balancing act epitomises how states can ensure national interests are met, by relying on bilateral ties with opposing greater powers.

15 February 2018

Enticing ASEAN, the Indian way

India – which has long been apprehensive of China’s intentions with the Belt Road Initiative – thinks it can dangle a better carrot to entice ASEAN.

30 January 2018

ASEAN, making India great again

No longer can both parties base their relations on the suzerain structures of the previous millennia. In modern times, trade digits, bilateral agreements and multilateral diplomatic avenues rule the day.

29 January 2018

The changing face of work in India

The Indian government’s increased spending on infrastructure and social services is creating new work opportunities for an estimated seven million workers, and at wages that are 70 percent higher than farm-related work.

16 September 2017