Europe and the new nuclear-arms race

One of the pillars of nuclear-arms control became history on 2 February, with the expiry of the 60-day deadline that the United States (US) had given Russia to save the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. Russia blithely let the deadline pass. But so did the European Union (EU), abetted by Germany.

5 February 2019

Trump’s grand strategy

United States (US) President Donald Trump’s inability to think strategically is undermining longstanding relationships, upending the global order, and accelerating the decline of his country’s global influence – or so the increasingly popular wisdom goes. But this assessment is not nearly as obvious as its proponents – especially political adversaries and critics in the mainstream US media – claim.America’s relative decline was a hot topic long before Trump took office.

1 August 2018

Trump and Putin test ties in Baltic showdown

After months of anticipation, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet Monday to put to the test the United States (US) president's ambition to forge a personal bond with the Kremlin chief.If Trump's instinct is right and he finds common ground with Putin, then the pair's Helsinki Summit may take the heat out of some of the world's most dangerous conflicts.

16 July 2018

The western crack-up

After the recent Group of Seven (G7) summit in Quebec, there can no longer be any doubt that the West is in crisis. Yes, “Western” countries have often pursued divergent foreign policies (as illustrated by the Iraq War), and “the West” is itself a vague concept.

22 June 2018