Kim Denounces US Two Years After Singapore Talks

North Korea criticised Donald Trump in a stinging denunciation of the United States (US) on Friday, the second anniversary of a landmark summit in Singapore where the US president shook hands with leader Kim Jong-un.It was the latest in a series of vitriolic statements from Pyongyang aimed at both Washington and Seoul, and came a day after the North implicitly threatened to disrupt November's election if the US did not stay out of inter-Korean affairs.

13 June 2020

Malaysia’s PM calls for sanctions law at UN

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Friday urged greater international control of sanctions, criticizing United States (US) attempts to force all countries to stop doing business with Iran."We do not know under what laws sanctions are applied.

29 September 2019

Myanmar joins US-ASEAN drills despite sanctions

Myanmar's navy will join maritime drills with the US in Southeast Asia next week, a spokesman said Wednesday, in a rare show of military cooperation despite Washington slapping sanctions on top army brass over the Rohingya crisis.The inclusion in the drills does not violate US travel bans against Myanmar's commander-in-chief and three senior figures for overseeing a bloody campaign that drove 740,000 Rohingya Muslims into Bangladesh two years ago.But there are growing calls to furth

29 August 2019

Military’s dignity harmed by US ban, says Myanmar

A US travel ban on Myanmar army chief Min Aung Hlaing over his role in orchestrating a bloody crackdown against Rohingya Muslims harms the dignity of the military, a spokesman said Wednesday, adding critics failed to properly understand the crisis.The sanctions against the army chief and three other top military brass was the strongest censure from a western power since the army launched its offensive against the Rohingya in August 2017 following attacks on police posts.Secretary of State Mik

18 July 2019

Xi urges Trump to ease North Korea sanctions

Chinese President Xi Jinping urged United States (US) President Donald Trump to "show flexibility" towards North Korea, including the "timely" easing of sanctions, at the Group of Twenty (G20) summit last week, China's foreign minister said Tuesday.Xi visited North Korea prior to meeting Trump at the G20 in Japan on Saturday, and analysts had said the Chinese leader could use the trip as leverage in his trade war talks with the US leader.Trump met North Korean leader

3 July 2019

US launches cyber-attacks on Iran

Iran and the United States (US), locked in a tense standoff after the US withdrew from a nuclear deal, traded barbs Sunday the day before the US tightens sanctions against the Islamic republic.Both sides say they want to avoid going to war, but tensions have spiralled as a series of incidents, including attacks on tankers and the shooting down of a US drone by Iran in the Gulf, raised fears of an unintended slide towards conflict.On Sunday, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif sa

24 June 2019

Kim challenges Trump with new missile tests

North Korea is once again pressing the boundaries of what it can get away with, returning to missile tests this week in violation of international sanctions championed by United States (US) President Donald Trump.

10 May 2019

North Korea and US vow to keep talking

North Korea on Friday promised further negotiations with the United States (US) despite a spectacular failure to strike a nuclear deal at their Hanoi summit, with both sides keeping the door of diplomacy open.The high-stakes second meeting between the North's leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump broke up in disarray Thursday, without even a joint statement.In the aftermath, each sought to blame the other's intransigence for the deadlock.Trump insisted Pyongyang wanted al

3 March 2019

Trump, Kim end summit abruptly

The United States (US) and North Korea on Friday put forward starkly different accounts over the breakdown of a high-stakes summit in Hanoi but offered guarded hope that they could meet again.After weeks of building expectations and with a signing ceremony ready to go, President Donald Trump abruptly ended his second-ever meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and declared a deadlock."Sometimes you have to walk and this was just one of those times," an unusually downbeat Trump

1 March 2019

Nuclear breakthrough or vague promises?

Could the United States (US) and North Korea reach a historic accord – or could it all fall to pieces?As President Donald Trump prepares for a historic second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, observers see a wide array of possible outcomes.Here are some scenarios that could emerge from the summit, which opens Wednesday in Hanoi:Complete breakdown considered unlikelyThe US point man on North Korea, Stephen Biegun, and his counterpart Kim Hyok Chol are holding working-level talks in

25 February 2019

Sanctions and peace deal on US-North Korea summit agenda

As Donald Trump seeks progress with North Korea at a second summit, the United States (US) has a series of cards it can play including easing sanctions, signing a peace declaration or even pulling troops from South Korea.After the historic handshake between the US president and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore in June, Washington policymakers are adamant on the need for tangible concessions by Pyongyang on its nuclear program at the sequel meeting, which Trump says will take place

28 January 2019

The not-so invisible hand in US-North Korea talks

By hosting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a fourth time, China has signalled again that it will not be side-lined in the diplomatic dance between its Cold War-era ally and Washington.With another nuclear summit looming between Kim and United States (US) President Donald Trump, a meeting between President Xi Jinping and the North Korean leader was inevitable, according to analysts.It has become something of a ritual: Last year, Kim briefed Xi before and after his historic summits with Tru

11 January 2019