Changing attitudes towards women in hospitality

Xuan Thu started at the front desk of Victoria Resort in Can Tho, located at the southern end of Vietnam, and worked her way up to the very top. In a year, she was made Front Office Manager and within another four, she was promoted to Room Division Manager. Nine years after her first foray, she locked in the General Manager (GM) position.

27 March 2019

Building skills of the future

Young people represent the fundamental drivers of economic and social growth and nowhere is this more visible than in Southeast Asia. In a region of more than 630 million people, 60 percent are below the age of 30.

23 November 2018

The Asia Pacific gender-parity imperative

Gender equality offers a sizeable economic opportunity for any country. A government that hopes to achieve strong growth without tapping into women’s full potential is essentially fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

15 June 2018

Minimum wage across Southeast Asia

In a region teeming with potential and growth, the economies of Southeast Asia have seen an improvement that has surpassed expectations from decades ago. However, over the years, the minimum wage in these countries has become an issue.

25 May 2018

The future of leadership: Leading well-being capital

Many of us are fortunate to live in a world of wealth and health as never before experienced in history. Previous generations have paved the way for rapid economic development, and we now have the luxury of focusing on our well-being.

12 November 2017

Thailand to kick start $45 bn economic revamp

Thailand’s military government is looking to start construction of projects under a 1.5 trillion baht (45 billion dollars) investment plan before the country’s possible return to democracy late next year.

28 September 2017