Belt and Road Initiative

Can China Be Carbon Neutral By 2060?

Xi Jinping's shock promise to lead the world into a safer climate future was thin on details, leaving many questions unanswered on how the world's worst polluter will meet a 2060 carbon neutral target.China is responsible for over a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions linked to global warming.But it is also the biggest global investor in renewable energy - a country whose energy policy points both ways. We look at what China has achieved, what needs to be d

25 September 2020

China Has Blown Its Historic Opportunity

Until recently, China was unmistakably trying to be a hegemon in the image of the United States (US), increasingly complementing its growing hard power with soft power. But China seems to have missed its opportunity to build a serious rival to, or even supplant, the existing world economic order fashioned by the US following World War II.All the elements of success seemed to be falling into place for China.

21 July 2020

Rising Anti-Chinese Sentiment In Indonesia

The ongoing discrimination against Uyghur Muslims in China continues unabated despite media attention from across the globe. Uyghurs, who mostly live in the Xinjiang administrative region, are known to suffer inhumane treatment at the hands of the Chinese government.

4 July 2020

Sihanoukville has become a dangerous playground

Another news report has surfaced highlighting the dangerous town that Sihanoukville – once a sleepy, coastal tourist destination in Cambodia – has become.On Sunday, it was reported that a boy had picked up a pistol and six bullets when out playing with friends on a plot of land in Village 2, Sangkat 1, Sihanoukville off Otres Road. Authorities have also confirmed that the gun was real.

1 June 2020

Is China Its Own Worst Enemy?

The global backlash against China over its culpability for the international spread of the deadly coronavirus from Wuhan has gained momentum in recent weeks. And China itself has added fuel to the fire, as exemplified by its recent legal crackdown on Hong Kong.

27 May 2020

Will virus-hit Belt and Road grind to a halt?

As of 16 March 2020, over 100,000 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Globally, more than 6,000 deaths have been recorded. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a pandemic, which has resulted in lockdowns of countries and cities such as Italy and Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

16 March 2020

Myanmar's Suu Kyi visits China border state

Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi made a rare trip to a region bordering China days before President Xi Jinping is expected to push for controversial port and dam projects during a visit to the country.Wearing traditional ethnic attire, Suu Kyi danced with a street procession on Friday in northern Kachin state's capital Myitkyina, a day after supporters cheered her arrival at the airport.She urged a crowd of thousands to "focus on the present" and called for peace in the remote

11 January 2020

China’s BRI negatively impacting the environment

While its economic benefits and geopolitical implications are often splashed across the front pages of national newspapers worldwide, the impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on the environment receives much less attention.An ambitious plan unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 to boost connectivity in over 70 countries, the world’s largest ever infrastructure project includes the financing and building of everything from roads to airports and is estimated to cost anywh

24 December 2019

Should ASEAN join the Blue Dot Network?

The unveiling of the United States’ (US) Blue Dot Network raises several questions about the country’s commitment to ASEAN after signs of fading interest in the region.Seen as a counterbalance to China’s extensive Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Blue Dot Network aims to promote sustainable infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

16 November 2019

Chinese port and SEZ stoking fear in Rakhine state

Aung Gyi is forced to fish covertly under the shroud of night in western Myanmar waters as China bids to transform the strategically key region into a shipping and industrial hub, squeezing out locals who fear being left behind in the gold rush.Myanmar has declared Rakhine state, associated by many worldwide with the military’s 2017 bloody crackdown on Rohingya Muslims, open for business – but locals fear they are being left out of the gold rush as new rules restrict traditional practises.Pad

14 November 2019

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ risks Paris climate goals

Carbon-heavy development in countries part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative could render the Paris climate goals unreachable, according to a new analysis on the gargantuan global infrastructure project released Monday.The massive network of ports, railways, roads and industrial parks spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe will see trillions invested in new infrastructure across 126 countries. While the Chinese state is putting up a significant part of the cash, the proj

3 September 2019

Malaysia tells China to keep it coming!

Last week, the Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) hosted the Malaysia-China Belt and Road Economic Cooperation Forum 2019.“With China’s advancements in digital economy and high-tech, and with Malaysia’s strengths in primary commodity and agriculture, we anticipate that more investors from China will invest in Malaysia.

14 August 2019