Data analytics

Golf goes hi-tech in ASEAN

A new wave of technology is helping to change the face of golf across Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.From sensors embedded in golf gloves that record swing paths to drones which are helping to map golf courses, new technologies are increasingly finding its way into ASEAN’s market of two million golfers and helping to provide the sport a wider reach.There are 1,120 golf courses scattered across ASEAN.

2 September 2019

The future of mining

After Indonesia’s Petrosea embarked on the digital transformation of its Tabang coal mine in Kalimantan in June 2018, it soon became apparent that initiatives like real-time performance monitoring and predictive maintenance would help ensure the company’s sustainable growth.Indonesia is ASEAN’s largest producer of coal and fifth largest in the world, and as demand for energy continually increases, a number of Southeast Asian countries continue to utilise coal as a cheap way to meet their ener

18 August 2019

A hotbed for fintech activities

The millennial generation of Southeast Asia comprises of half of the region’s 644 million population. The region’s high internet penetration and growing middle class is driving the adoption of digital financial services.

11 July 2019