Food Delivery

Food Delivery On The Rise In ASEAN

Lockdowns and restricted movement control implemented by countries around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic has seen people go berserk at hypermarkets, hoarding food supplies. As people are urged to self-isolate and stay home, there has been a surge of demand in food delivery services in Southeast Asia.

4 May 2020

Safe Food Delivery In Malaysia

Food delivery has seen an exponential increase in demand all across the region as ASEAN member states enforce partial or even full lockdowns on their citizens. No more is this more evident than in Malaysia, a country where eating out is a popular activity when it comes to daily meals. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, food delivery services had affected the dining behaviour of Southeast Asians.

6 April 2020

The rise of food delivery in ASEAN

We see them in the business district and in the suburbs; on the streets, in our apartment blocks and offices. The food delivery riders with brightly coloured backpacks advertising the logos of their operators, Gojek, Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo amongst others, on their missions to deliver lunch or dinner to ASEAN’s hungry workforce. This would not come as a surprise particularly to consumers of the millennial generation.

7 December 2019

Singapore targets e-scooters after accidents

Tiny Singapore had embraced electric scooters in a big way, but deaths and fires linked to the two-wheelers have prompted authorities to introduce tough rules that could put a brake on their runaway success.The contraptions have popped up in cities worldwide but pedestrians in many places have come to see the silent machines as menaces, and authorities have been scrambling to regulate them.Tens of thousands flooded Singapore, becoming particularly popular among commuters and workers deliverin

12 November 2019

Cloud kitchens serving healthy options

Cloud kitchens across Southeast Asia are disrupting the dining restaurant model, operating straight from individual cooking venues and delivering straight to customers’ doors. Cloud kitchens are also called delivery-only kitchens, ghost kitchens and dark kitchens. The elimination of customer seating, air conditioning and lighting slashes rent costs and bills and also reduces the need to employ serving staff.

12 October 2019

2018: A transformational year for ride hailing

This year has been transformational for the ride hailing sector in Southeast Asia according to a recent joint report by Google and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings. With the merger of Grab and Uber in March, and the latter’s withdrawal of services from the region, Grab has consolidated its leadership in the sector.

4 December 2018

Food and tech meet in delivery services

Malaysians are said to love food and convenience. This prompted a proliferation of food delivery services in recent years, using the convenience of websites, apps and even Facebook pages to reach customers.The food delivery market in Malaysia looks lucrative. It is expected to generate US$89 million in revenue this year and is estimated to hit US$202 million in 2022.

26 September 2018

Creating sustainable food deliveries for Southeast Asia

Technology has changed the way consumers decide about food choices; be it where and when to buy it, or how it should be delivered to them. This in turn influences how the food industry reaches out to its customers today. The challenge for the food industry is to provide highly efficient services while catering to unique customer preferences in different markets across Southeast Asia.

13 February 2018