Smart City Spotlight: Hanoi

Hanoi is a city rich in history and culture that has been occupied by foreign forces in the past. From being ruled by ancient Chinese dynasties and the French in the 19th century to surviving a war with the United States (US).

16 August 2018

Tech disrupts Cambodia’s tour guides

A van arrives at Angkor Wat Temple and deposits its load of foreigners who make their way to the World Heritage Site. Noticeably absent among them is a local guide.

15 August 2018

Digital villages in rural ASEAN

India would love to play “Big Brother” in a digital sense to ASEAN. The subcontinent wants to create digital villages in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam. The first of these projects will be in Traing district in Takeo, Cambodia.

13 August 2018

Singapore’s a prime target for hackers

Singapore’s status as a hyperconnected financial hub makes it a prime target for hackers, and recently reported attacks have intensified the focus on cyber security as it pushes to become one of the world’s leading technology hubs.

3 August 2018

eSIM: The future of mobile

It’s a familiar arrival routine at the airport. Clear customs, pick up your luggage, then scour available telco booths for the best available data deals.

1 August 2018

Smart Nation hits speed bump with cyberattack

When credit card details are hacked, banks can easily cancel the accounts and replace the cards. The same cannot be said with stolen medical records. A person’s family history, insurance, prescribed medications and so forth cannot be changed.

24 July 2018

Fuchsia: Google’s successor to Android

For more than two years, a small and stealthy group of engineers within Google has been working on software that they hope will eventually replace Android, the world’s dominant mobile operating system.

21 July 2018