Unicorns of ASEAN: Lazada

When the region’s internet penetration rate started to grow in the mid-2000s, many users in Southeast Asia started yearning for their very own “Amazon”, an e-commerce site where they could simply place an order online and have their goods delivered to t

11 June 2018

Unicorns of ASEAN: Grab

Who would have thought a startup which first began as a taxi-booking app in Kuala Lumpur would end up beating ride-sharing giants Uber at its own game?

5 June 2018

Smart City Spotlight: Manila

The capital of the Philippines; Manila is the world’s most densely populated city with 42,857 people per square kilometre. The Metro Manila population is estimated at 12 million, but the larger urban area has a population of approximately 21.3 million.

3 June 2018

Cyberattacks in Southeast Asia: Who's next?

ASEAN’s exponential economic growth and social mobility is a double-edged sword. The region’s growing strategic relevance makes it a prime crosshair for cyberattacks, with the rise of intangible threats now becoming more prevalent within the region.

1 June 2018

Smart City Spotlight: Jakarta

The Indonesian capital of Jakarta is known worldwide for its luxury hotels, malls, antiques along Jalan Surabaya and various national and historical monuments – just to name a few.

28 May 2018