Media freedom

Al Jazeera's Malaysian Office Raided Over Documentary

Malaysian authorities raided Al Jazeera's Kuala Lumpur office Tuesday and seized computers as part of an investigation into a documentary about migrants that angered the government, drawing condemnation from the broadcaster. Police launched the probe into the Qatar-based news network's programme last month, adding to concerns about worsening media freedom in Malaysia.The documentary - "Locked Up in Malaysia's Lockdown" - looked at the detention of undocumente

5 August 2020

What is Hun Sen planning for Cambodia’s media?

On 14 January, during his fourth annual meeting with the press, Cambodia’s Prime Minister, Hun Sen announced legal-aid support for the country’s journalists. The meeting was attended by nearly 6,000 members of the media and the press.Recent news from government press agency, Agence Kampuchea Presse (AKP) also quoted Cambodian Lawyers’ Council president, Ky Tech as saying that Hun Sen’s legal aid team will be offering its services to defend journalists deemed ethical.

24 January 2020

Thai journalist warns of threat to media freedom

A Thai journalist sentenced to two years in prison for defaming the owner of a poultry farm via a tweet said Thursday the kingdom's criminal libel laws are eviscerating media freedom.A court convicted Suchanee Cloitre in December for a tweet referencing a dispute over working conditions at a chicken farm owned by the Thammakaset company.The farm had been at the centre of a labour dispute by Myanmar workers complaining of punishing working hours and conditions.Thailand's Supreme Cour

10 January 2020

Cambodia’s Hun Sen urges media to tell the truth

Last week, in a letter to the Cambodian Editor Forum, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen wrote a statement which seems to counter his alleged actions in the lead up to the country’s controversial July 2018 general election: “News media should dare to speak the truth.”Hun Sen, however, has been accused of not only jailing his opponents – making the July election a supposed farce – but in May 2018, his administration had also purportedly clamped down on media freedom. In that mo

12 December 2019

Can Lao’s media survive in today’s world?

Lao recently held an event where managers of its mass media and publishing generally agreed that the country’s media and the publications they produce needed to aspire to self-development. They said this was so they are better equipped to fulfil their duty to promote national protection and development.In a socialist state such as Lao, the managers’ general assessment makes perfect sense.

20 August 2019

Fake news from Cambodia’s government?

Cambodia’s Information Ministry recently warned that it would revoke the licenses of print and online media outlets which distribute fake news that could endanger national security.Phos Sovann, director-general of General Department of Information and Broadcasting, said in a Facebook video post that the ministry will strictly implement laws against fake news, and come down hard on outlets which violate the terms of the licenses or are not registered with the ministry.“All websites operating i

19 August 2019

Are governments crying wolf?

Towards the end of last month, on 21 June, the government of Myanmar ordered mobile phone operators in the country to shut down all Internet data across at least eight townships in Rakhine and one in neighbouring Chin state.

1 July 2019

Is Lao afraid of Industry 4.0?

The ASEAN Post recently published an article stating that Lao PDR is somewhat left behind compared to other ASEAN countries when it comes to getting ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0.The issue was highlighted when Director General of the Lao National Internet Café, Keovisouk Solaphom, claimed that the challenges faced in digitising the local economy was due to the fact that it has not been listed in Lao’s development agenda.

27 April 2019

Singapore battles fake news

In India, something as simple as a WhatsApp message can be as deadly as a live bullet. While no official count is kept, police and government officials estimate that more than two dozen people have been killed by mobs thanks to the spread of fake news through the popular messaging app.

13 March 2019