Eid Shopping Rush Across Asia Despite Virus Risk

Muslims across Asia packed out markets as they prepared for the annual Eid ul-Fitr holiday, ignoring coronavirus guidelines even as infections rise. The celebration, the most important in the Muslim calendar marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, is preceded by a rush to buy new clothes, gifts and sweet treats for loved ones.It is expected to begin over the weekend in most countries, and Sunday or Monday in Pakistan, depending on when the new moon is sighted.Despite th

24 May 2020

Can AI give retail a boost?

The retail industry has undergone multiple transformations during the past century, with those who adapt and innovate continuing to survive. It also helps if one is exceptionally unique. It seems that the world's consumers have gotten a little tired from having to explore multiple shopping locations to find what they want or need.

13 February 2020

ASEAN’s mall culture

In Southeast Asia, the rise of e-commerce has changed how people shop. Throughout 2016, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand generated US$14.8 billion in online sales. A 2019 report from Facebook and Bain & Company found that ASEAN’s digital consumers’ spending will triple by 2025. However, traditional retail has not gone into extinction; instead, it has flourished. So much so, there is now a glut of shopping malls across Southeast Asia.

14 November 2019

ASEAN gets ready for Singles’ Day shopping event

The annual 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale has become an event for both shoppers and e-commerce merchants across Southeast Asia, recording online sales that exceed all expectations. Singles’ Day came to be after students at the Nanjing University in China, started celebrating their singledom, in what was known as anti-Valentine’s Day back in the 1990s. Singles’ Day was then adopted by e-commerce giant, Alibaba, in 2009.

10 November 2019

15 Must-Have Items That Should Be In Your Travel Beauty Kit

There’s nothing more exciting and thrilling than being armed with a credit card, and multiple browser tabs all showing products on Cult Beauty, ASOS, Lululemon, JCrew, Banana Republic and possibly more (if you have tips, drop us a line and help a fellow online shopaholic sister out).Because my cart is empty and I need to fill it. Image: PexelsBut, when it comes to online shopping, do you know what’s better than a credit card? It’s BIGPay.

31 May 2019

Cashing in on Chinese New Year

For most people in Southeast Asia, when the festive season comes around it is an important time where traditions and family come first. Some look forward to spending time with their families; be it with a reunion dinner the night before Chinese New Year or by visiting other family members at their homes. For many others, it is the big Chinese New Year sales that they look forward to.Sales during festive periods is common in the region.

8 February 2019