Japan Bucket List: 10 Must-Go Places In Tokyo & Sapporo

Welcome back to yet another episode of Japan Bucket List! This time we’re pinpointing Tokyo and Sapporo, so be sure to bookmark this for your planning purposes.ICYMI, we did a similar bucket list of must-visit places in Osaka and Fukuoka, which you might want to check out too. So, without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?10 Things To See and Do in Tokyo:1. Shibuya Crossing, TokyoImage: @streets_visionOF COURSE this was going to be part of the list!

24 July 2019

Bagan is Now UNESCO-Certified. Here are 5 Fun Ways to Explore this Gem in Myanmar

Adventure or comfort? Whatever your sightseeing style, Myanmar’s scenic ancient city has got you covered.Located in the central part of Myanmar, the ancient city of Bagan is reachable via three-hour bus or car ride from Mandalay or eight hours from Yangon. At first glance, it’s hard to comprehend just how many temples are scattered around the lush green plains.

15 July 2019

Can’t Afford a Trip to Portugal? Here Are 7 Alternatives Around Asia

Olá! Como vai você?Quick: what comes to mind when you think of Portugal? We bet you thought of Cristiano Ronaldo, right? But if you’re familiar with our History books back in high school, you might still remember names such as Vasco de Gama and Afonso de Albuquerque. Yes, they were the famous explorers who trod through treacherous waters before stumbling upon Malaya.

4 July 2019

These Amazing Aquatic Adventures Will Make You Want to Book Your Ticket to Perth Now!

From enchanting estuaries to pristine coastal waters, Perth in Western Australia is defined by bodies of water – each brimming with tales of its storied past and offering thrill seekers and nature lovers a gateway to aquatic adventures.White, wispy clouds dot Western Australia’s bright blue skies, floating across a sun that is anything but forgiving.

1 July 2019

7 Best Spots to Have Authentic Muslim-Friendly Chinese Food in Hong Kong

One of the bigger concerns of our Muslim friends when they’re planning for their trip to Hong Kong is the difficulty (or the idea) of finding proper halal food there, or even Muslim-friendly ones for that matter. But the good news is, it’s not that hard to find — some are even close to landmarks. Another thing to note is that when you go to Hong Kong, you’re definitely going to want to try proper Hong Kong and Chinese food.

28 June 2019

6 Little-Known Secrets to Saving BIG While Travelling

Everybody says that travelling opens you up to a whole new world of adventures and experiences. But what everybody should also be saying is travelling also opens up a whole new hole in your wallet.So, what’s a guy to do? Don’t worry, this is what you came here for – six little known secrets to save BIG on your trips, so you can stay woke without going broke. Let’s start with the first one…1. You Don’t Have to Change All Your MoneyImage: FlickrWe’ve all been there.

28 June 2019

Meet Chapati, an Adorable Dog Who Travels Way More Than You and Me

Some time last year, we stumbled upon this Instagram handle: @travelingchapati. We thought it was quite a cute name, and what compelled us to hit the ‘follow’ button was because it was filled with nothing but photos of a certain dog — a once-stray named Chapati. As dog lovers ourselves, this easily made it to the top of our favourites list, and it also made us envy Chapati!

27 June 2019

Why This City Is Perfect for Beach Lovers

If you’re wondering where to go in Australia that’s perfect for all ages, you should seriously consider the Gold Coast.This is the place where urban development perfectly blends with nature. Amid the skyscrapers rising close to the beach, the lively three-kilometre strand of Surfers Paradise remains clean and beautiful.From Gold Coast airport to the city, you can get a shared airport transfer from as low as RM69.

26 June 2019

11 Underrated Destinations in Asia-Pacific To Visit Before the Year Ends

Whip out your good ol’ passport and dust off your trusted backpack, it’s time to plan for your next adventure. If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut and in need for new destinations to explore, boy, do we have some suggestions for you! The sky’s the limit when it comes to your travel plans! But let’s start with the following 11:1. Goa, IndiaIsolated from the rest of the country for more than 450 years by Portuguese rule, Goa has a distinct identity compared to the rest of India.

19 June 2019