Online travel agents facing disruption

Southeast Asia’s rapid growth has led to a rise in income which enables its citizens to enjoy leisure travel in the form of long-haul destinations and micro-trips. The region’s budget travel market, including low-cost flights, is also expected to grow exponentially.

3 July 2019

Southeast Asian hotel booking platforms are getting more creative

The Southeast Asian budget hotel market is currently worth between US$15 million to US$20 million, according to reporting by The Edge Markets in 2017. However, the real beneficiaries of this market could be the booking platforms who redirect tourists to budget hotels that offer the best deals. Most booking platforms employ a standardised model, aggregating available rooms in hotels within a certain city and forming a network of available rooms across multiple cities.

6 March 2018

Startup funding exploding in Southeast Asia

It’s no secret that Southeast Asia has become a hotbed for tech startups. Since 2012, there have been a number of tech companies that have become household names and changed the lives of people in Southeast Asia.

31 October 2017