Blockchain in Indonesia

When blockchain and cryptocurrency first made headlines, many saw them as disruptors to the current financial order. This is because transactions that involve cryptocurrencies remove the need for an intermediary – a role banks and other financial institutions have traditionally filled.

9 April 2019

Cryptocurrency picks up pace in Thailand

Following a regulatory framework which went into effect last month, Thailand’s central bank has announced a set of rules governing cryptocurrency activities in the country.

10 August 2018

The future of cryptocurrency in ASEAN

For the past year, the term “cryptocurrency” has been bandied about by people in the tech and banking industries, usually with admiration from the former and some scepticism from the latter.

24 May 2018

Is ASEAN ready for physical cryptocurrencies?

We often associate cryptocurrencies with the realm of the intangible, existing in the perplexing world of coding and data. This thought process will now be a thing of the past as physical bitcoin notes have been launched in Singapore.

11 May 2018

Has the cryptocurrency bubble burst?

Bitcoin started the week badly, as prices for the popular cryptocurrency fell 7% to dip below US$8,000. The sudden sell-off follows from Twitter’s decision to ban advertising for cryptocurrencies.

27 March 2018