Plastic waste

Philippines has massive plastic waste woes

An audit in the Philippines has shown the country uses a "shocking" amount of single-use plastic, including nearly 60 billion sachets a year, a new report said Friday.

The report, produced by the NGO GAIA, is part of an effort to collect data on plastic consumption as environmentalists push for government action to reduce plastic waste.

10 March 2019

ASEAN’s poor plastic waste record

ASEAN is once again in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, this time after the newly formed Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) singled out the region for its disproportionate contribution to plastic waste in the environment – especially the ocean

17 February 2019

Calls for better plastic waste management

The current global practice of production, over-consumption and disposal of plastic products has birthed countless never-ending environmental, social-economic, climatic and well-being problems within our societies.

2 December 2018

Death by plastic waste

Humanity’s enduring love affair with plastic, a love more pronounced in the Southeast Asian region, has claimed another victim.

12 August 2018

Indonesia’s plastic waste problem

Indonesia has a major plastic waste problem on its hands. At the moment, the country is second only to China when it comes to dumping plastic waste into the world’s oceans.

6 July 2018