Malaysia's temporary leader can have lasting impact

At 92, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is now the world’s oldest elected leader. He’s also the first to return to power after a lapse of 15 years, at the helm of a different political party. His place in Asian history is assured.

14 May 2018

Singapore to ensure rich pay more in tax regime

Singapore will ensure its tax system is based on “solid” economic performance and the principle that higher income earners pay more, a senior government official said, after the prime minister signaled that the nation needs to prepare for tax increases.

22 November 2017

TPP-11 confident of salvaging trade deal

A blockbuster Pacific trade pact thrown into doubt by Donald Trump could be salvaged by suspending parts of the deal in order to get the 11 remaining nations to sign on, according to Malaysian Trade Minister Mustapa Mohamed.

8 November 2017

ASEAN, a travel and tourism hub

Southeast Asia is a highly sought-after holiday destination for tourists and travellers from all across the world. The region, which is home to more than 630 million people, is geographically situated in the heart of Asia.

5 October 2017