Global tech companies in Southeast Asia

Against the backdrop of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Southeast Asia is slowly but surely turning into a battleground for international tech companies to flex their financial muscles and impart their data-driven dominance.

22 April 2018

ASEAN-Italy partnership continues to grow

From ubiquitous palm oil and rubber estates in Malaysia to long beaches and pristine waters in Indonesia, Southeast Asia is home to a wide array of resources and locations of interest.

18 April 2018

Xiaomi is said to seek at least $50 billion valuation in IPO

Xiaomi Corp., the Chinese smartphone maker that was once the most valuable startup in the world, is in talks with investment banks about a possible initial public offering and seeking a valuation of at least $50 billion, according to people familiar wit

5 December 2017

Diving deep into virtual reality

Just as the term suggests, Virtual Reality (VR) technology combines both "reality" and "virtual" experiences using a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored by a user.

8 November 2017

DBS's profit fell due to bad energy loans

DBS Group Holdings reported a surprise drop in third-quarter profit as Southeast Asia’s largest bank boosted bad-loan allowances more than sixfold in an effort to deal with its problem lending to the regional oil and gas services sector.

6 November 2017