The costs of trade war

According to an old African proverb, “When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.” The same is true for full-blown trade wars: when major economies clash, developing countries will be among the hardest hit.

19 June 2018

Nourishing cities with nature

Ever since the ancient Greek poet Theocritus wrote his pastoral idylls romanticizing rural life, people have been pondering how to build cities that are in concert with their natural surroundings.

17 June 2018

The Asia Pacific gender-parity imperative

Gender equality offers a sizeable economic opportunity for any country. A government that hopes to achieve strong growth without tapping into women’s full potential is essentially fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

15 June 2018

Who lost the South China Sea?

United States (US) Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has spoken out against China’s strategy of “intimidation and coercion” in the South China Sea, including the deployment of anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missiles, and electronic jammers, and, more rec

13 June 2018

Local solutions for global problems

On 8 June, leaders from the largest advanced economies will gather for the annual Group of Seven (G7) summit to discuss the most pressing challenges the world faces.

9 June 2018

A verifiable path to nuclear disarmament

As officials from the United States (US) and North Korea prepare for the 12 June summit meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, nuclear experts must come to terms with a significant question: If Kim commits to dismantling his nuclear stockpile, ho

7 June 2018

Protecting climate change refugees

Governments around the world are engaged in a series of talks that could fundamentally alter how the movement of people across borders is managed. One dialogue is focused on the protection of refugees; the other on migration.

29 May 2018

How press freedom is won

Every year on May 3 – World Press Freedom Day – news producers and consumers pause to reflect on the state of global media.

3 May 2018

How to negotiate with North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seems to be setting the stage for an historic deal with US President Donald Trump that would allow his country, like Myanmar and Vietnam, to reduce its dependence on China and move closer to the West.

26 April 2018